Texting Etiquette in the Workplace

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Mary Rae Floresca | Negosentro.com

Gone are the days that it’s okay to do shortcuts in text messaging – the overly shortcut words that interprets a different meaning to your recipient. The texting etiquette should be applied when communicating with coworkers using SMS. Here are a number of things to remember in “business texting.”

1. Stop the “dot dot dot”

That is called the ellipses, why eliminate this in texting? Because it represents trailing of thought which is sometimes okay but do you really want to use that when texting your boss? Also this indicates hesitation on what you are trying to say. In my experience, I was texting my supervisor and it has been my habit to put ellipses at the end of each of my text message. And he was like, “what’s with the ‘…’ can’t you sum up your message in one send?” I was quite embarrassed, because really, ellipses keep your recipient hanging for the next thing you wish to say.

2. Don’t just text urgent matters

So your employees had a mistake and it needs urgent solution and you don’t know how to fix it, you don’t just text your boss, call. Anything urgent must be through a phone call. I’ve been in constant communication with my immediate supervisor even he is away, and my job just goes smoothly, I just ask when I really don’t know what to do with something or confirm on operational duties I’m doing, calling instead of texting is a more immediate measure to solve a problem.

3. Remove the Auto-correct function

Pinoys usually mix English words with Filipino words when text messaging, not that we are not that fluent, sometimes we cannot just express our thoughts in full English or Filipino. Instead of double-checking the autocorrected words, remove the function, you may turn Filipino words into English terms and changes the whole thought of the sentence. Before hitting send, check your spelling of course especially when your recipient is your boss.

4. Don’t use emojis

We know all those smileys are cute but that should be used for your mom, your friends, your significant other, not your coworker. On my first job, during the orientation, my boss emphasized to not text him with a smiley, why? He simply said, “it’s annoying.” Especially when he needs something from us right away, we couldn’t send a negative reply and sheepishly inserting a smiley emoji. Keep your text messages clean, accurate, straightforward and professional.

5. Be polite

In business text messaging, it’s okay to overuse the following words; “please,” “thank you,” or “good day.” In my job, it’s my duty to remind my clients about their orders, I open my text with a greeting including their name, so it is more personal, not like a text blast to numerous recipients. Then I write what I need them know like “Please be advised….” Or “Kindly let me know…” Make your own tone that gets your recipient to reply.

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