How to Prepare for your Job Resignation

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Mary Rae Floresca|

Deciding to leave your job is almost like separating from your parents or breaking up with your significant other. In the process of leaving, do you think you are prepared enough to change a career, to start a business, a stay at home mom or to have a vacation? Here are the factors to consider and ways to be successfully prepared for job resignation.

1. Job Hunt

Either you want to shift to another career or company, before leaving your existing drop, you should research and list down your prospect companies you want to get in. This is an assurance for yourself to get back up when you already ran out of your six-month worth of savings. You may go to interviews and excuse a vacation leave or just resign first so you could freely hop to another and another company.

2. Leave in good terms

Even when your reason for leaving was because of colleagues you hate, leave the company without showing that you’re rubbing to them your happiness of leaving them. Maybe, just maybe they are also too happy that you are leaving. Even the last days of work, you should give out your best, don’t sulk, don’t get too excited for the much awaited vacation you are waiting for. As a respect to the company, leave with your stellar performance and let them remember you as a good employee. Hold your grudges a bit even when you hated your boss, set that final interview with him and the human resource officer.

3. Collect YOUR materials

Take the opportunity to collect everything you need before leaving the company such as contact details of people you still want to connect with, performance appraisals, references that’s not a property of the company, even sample documents that you personally did. If a laptop has been issued to you and had to be surrendered, clear all your personal files and really make sure that you don’t have private files left.

4. Be Emotionally

If you left your job with all the burden you carry and you were so burnt out, you might need to recharge firs by taking a quick vacation. You may need a bit of time to surpass the worries and probably hurt that you experienced in your job, we know all the pressure you’re going through. It’s refreshing to take a breather first and on your new job, you’re ready to take on again new challenges.

5. Financial preparedness

Along with you job resignation, make sure that you have enough income for daily expenses such as the top priority; food. Also, if you’re renting an apartment, of course you can’t miss a month to pay for the rent. Not only the daily expenses, if you want to start your own business, compute how much you need. Leaving for vacation? When you get back from vacation, what’s next? Do you still have the dimes to start over?

6. Delegate tasks to your successor

Once you filed your job resignation, for sure, your supervisors will look for the next candidate to replace you. When I decided to leave my position, another employee was immediately assigned for my task. As respect for the company, I didn’t leave my successor like nothing happened, I trained her all the duties that she has to do and remember. Make a to-do list, compile and summarize everything that your successor needs to know. And once you’re out, still be kind to entertain calls from your previous company if they need to ask or confirm something from you.

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