This Techie Dad Discovered Groupon Coupons


by Homerun Nievera, |

So, there I was, stuck at home working on my little web projects while the wifey watched some romantic comedy Netflix movie.

A friend I worked with in a previous tech company sent me a message on Facebook about Groupon Coupons that can be used on GoDaddy. Hmmm, since I was on to buying a new domain anyway, I checked it out and yes, I found deals that have as much as 93% off on new dotcoms! What a bargain, indeed! There are actually 45 coupons available on the site.


Okay, that got my attention. Admittedly I know Groupon from their great deals for restaurants, bars, entertainment and many more. But for coupons, that was a happy surprise. You know why? I went to their site and discovered that they have more than 80,000 coupons available in at least 11,000 stores. In fact, there were more than 76,000 coupons for home goods alone!

And guess what? As I was browsing the Groupon Coupons site, I saw more great deals such as those from Home Depot for up to $200 off laptops, Vistaprint for 50% off business cards, for up to 30% off tires and rims, and up to 65% off Columbia sportswear.

More Groupon Coupons were available for these branded stores that my wife would certainly be interested in: Saks off Fifth, Macy’s, Old Navy, NY and Company, JC Penney and Forever 21.

I was going back to my projects when I had just had to grab one more coupon – from Target. I couldn’t resist that 60% off Target Clearance coupon.

Definitely much better than clipping coupons from papers many moons back, huh?

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