How Surveys Improve Brand Awareness

brand awareness survey

Jon Delos Santos, Negosentro | Before considering the benefits of using surveys to improve brand awareness, it’s important to establish what we actually mean by brand awareness.

Marketing specialists know that part of their job is to make sure that the target audience is choosing their company’s product or service instead of those offered by the competition, irrespective of how similar the product or service is. Brand awareness measures just how familiar consumers are with your product or service.

When wanting to improve your brand awareness you should begin by learning whatever you can from your data. This can be gathered from website and social media analysis, in-person feedback and surveys. To make the information you receive from surveys as useful as possible, you need to carefully structure their order and content.

How do you write a brand awareness survey?

The first measurement that will really be useful to you is brand recall, testing whether or not consumers are able to remember your brand without any help. This means you need to create questions without revealing your brand’s name. Try questions that are structured in the following ways:

– How familiar are you with (the product or service)?
– When you think of (the product or service), which brands come to mind?

The second measurement is what’s known as brand recognition. In these kinds of questions, you can name your brand and compare how it rivals against known competitors. Ideas for questions could be:

– Have you heard of (brand name)?
– Which (the product or service) brands have you heard of?
– Which (the product or service) brands do you currently have in your home?

Using surveys to improve brand awareness

Once you have the data in your possession, it’s time to put it to good use. Market research surveys have proven to significantly increase a company’s chance to achieve press coverage and thus improve its brand awareness.

Press editors are inundated with hundreds of inquiries every day, so any company that has something interesting backed by solid market research to say about its brand is going to stand out from the crowd. The data you will be able to share with press editors from your market surveys will also establish your credibility within the industry.

On a final note, social media provides another way in which you can use the results from your surveys to improve brand awareness. If survey data reveals that brand awareness isn’t as high in a certain geographic area, or among a particular age group, for instance, you could choose to direct your social media content and publicity accordingly.

So, are you ready to get started?