Subliminal Messages: What Consumers Really Look for When they Browse the Shelves

Subliminal Messages Influence Price Elasticity of Demand Food and Beverage Industry Retail-Philippines | Subliminal Messages: What Consumers Really Look for When they Browse the Shelves | Modern stores are often housed in large buildings that include thousands of items. The Food Marketing Institute reports that an average supermarket contains more than 50,000 products. That means consumers have a lot of choices, so manufacturers need their merchandise to stand out. With that in mind, they study consumer buying patterns and use the information to guide decisions about product packaging choices. Well-designed packaging is an important marketing tool that can help attract buyers and build loyal customer bases.

Customers Research Products before Shopping

Gone are the days when businesses could depend on buyers to make in-store purchasing decisions. Today, customers often research items online and compare several options even if they plan to buy merchandise in a brick-and-mortar store. That means sellers need their commodities to stand out on the internet and in person. They do that by creating packaging that sets their brands apart and makes them easily recognizable. For example, consumers often rely on unique Medication Packaging to help them quickly determine whether they are getting the products they want or generic versions.

Buyers Look for Specific Products

Informed consumers who shop in stores typically have a good idea of what they want, although some are more specific than others. For instance, a buyer might need a pair of women’s running shoes and be prepared to browse through several brands. Other clients will only buy the brands they like and accept no substitutes. That is true whether they look online or in stores. According to digital marketing site Clickz, about 50% of shoppers begin with retailers’ websites. Some consumers will go on to purchase via a retailer’s website, while others prefer to visit a physical store so they can try on things they chose online.

Smart Packaging Generates Impulse Buying

There are millions of customers who have a general idea of what they want but can be influenced by advertising and packaging. A recent Forbes article reported that half of the items consumers purchase are impulse buys. Research shows that customers’ decisions are heavily influenced by packaging. Product packaging is designed to send subliminal messages that reflect brand values. For example, diet cookies are being presented in slimmer packaging. Air freshener boxes may evoke images of jasmine, lavender, and lemon that provide a sense of calm and comfort.

Consumers Frequently Make Emotional Purchases

Manufacturers tailor packaging to appeal to customers’ concerns, emotions, and lifestyles. Medication suppliers provide packaging that reflects security, quality, and convenience. Companies that make foods focus on freshness and quality but also target buyers’ emotions. Cereal companies selling to parents add bright, child-friendly colors. Businesses might include tempting pictures of their products on labels or provide images that evoke feelings of favorite childhood treats. Many companies now appeal to environmentally conscious consumers by offering sustainable packaging.

Buyers Are Drawn to Quality Packaging

Consumers also choose certain brands because of packaging quality and type. Research shows that 52% of customers polled said they would be more likely to continue buying products contained in premium packaging. Data indicates that 90% of buyers re-use packaging. Studies also suggest that 40% of customers are willing to share images of appealing packaging, which turns it into a marketing tool.

There are millions of competing products being sold today, but smart marketing helps companies compete and build loyal customer bases. Manufacturers study consumers’ digital and in-store buying patterns and then design packaging that attracts them. Well-designed packaging appeals to buyers’ emotions and can attract impulse shoppers.

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