Sub Arc Welding Commendable Method for Steel Welding

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by Jamil Santos, Correspondent for | Welding is a fabrication method of combining materials mainly thermoplastics or metals to connect them flawlessly. It incorporates techniques of metal joining by fusion without melting the base metal. The process of welding involves putting pressure and heat to the materials that are supposed to be connected.  This process produces a weld-pool, which cools to create a tough joint.

Although, the method of welding itself has deeply changed with the arrival of the latest technology, it is vital to know the dissimilarities among all the accessible welding methods to make an informed decision while choosing the correct method for the task and appointing a person or a welder who knows the process well.

Moreover, there are different methods, processes, and types of welding. It uses various techniques and methods of fabrication of different material, which is developed particularly for that material.

Let us discuss about steel welding, which is mainly performed by Sub Arc Welding commonly known as submerged welding. It is also a majorly used in pole fabrication and most common pole fabricator:

Steel Welding

For steel welding, the highly reliable method is Sub Arc welding. It is majorly used for steel plate fabrication and heavy steel work. It may be any structural shapes, large pipes, machine components. A heavy steel industry, such as shipbuilding in which steel is used relies on submerged welding. It can weld low to medium carbon steels, quenched, and tempered steel, high strength steel and many stainless steels. The products that are mostly manufactured includes tanks, pressure vessels, chemical vessels, boilers, even nuclear reactors so on and so forth. Majorly heavy equipment industry is the user of Sub Arc Welding.

Sub Arc Welding

Nevertheless, the Sub Arc Welding or submerged welding is the most commonly used fabrication method, which is highly preferable and commendable. This method can exclusively be used on materials with high iron contents such as stainless steel. It is highly effective in providing seamless joining of two metals permanently.

The materials used for submerged arc welding are welding flux and consumable electrode wire.

Whereas, the tool employed in this method can be semi-automatic or automatic this makes it quick to weld. Since, it is a quick process; the electrical arc has to be enclosed by flux to protect the metal from the environment throughout the steel welding process. This coat also stops any welding splash, which makes it safe for welders when compared to the other methods of welding.

Besides, there are number of process to perform sub arc welding. Some of the most popular process includes the following:

  • Two wire system with same and separate power source methods.
  • Three wire system with separate power source.
  • Electrically cold filler wire
  • Strip electrode surfacing
  • Long stick out welding
  • Iron powder addition to flux

Pole fabricator

Additionally, sub arc welding is also used in the pole fabrication. Banner poles, Street light poles, traffic signal poles, octagonal poles in the buildings, tapered round poles are made by the process of sub arc welding. Fabricating of these poles require the method and process of sub arc welding for permanent joining of the metals used in the making of the poles. It requires high expertise to make these poles durable as they are exposed to harsh weather conditions. Hence, they should be sturdy and durable and must be able to resist the harsh climatic conditions and daily wear and tear.

Overall, welding is a process that is the base of many industries be it heavy steel industry or small industries, they require process of fabrication.

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