8 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

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Mitzi Ilagan | Negosentro.com

These days, even when you do not know the exact name of a restaurant which you have passed by, Google knows the answers to your questions. So, if you’re an owner of a business, brand, or blog, a website is a necessity for you to get what you want. Here are tips for getting the perfect domain name:

1. Always include your brand name. If it is too long, make an abbreviation which is easy to remember. Adding numbers to your name will make it difficult to find, and some may spell in incorrectly.

2. Use keywords which are searchable. If you own a photography business, include the word “photography” and then add your brand name. Words such as “shutter” or “aperture” may not be asy to remember when relating to photography. Choose words which are meaningful and reliable-sounding. DaylightPhotography.com may sound better than CheapOutdoorPhotographyManila.com.

3. Think of a unique name. Giving a generic label to your brand may confuse your potential customers. Worse is that they may view the website of your competitor. Think of a catchy name which is easy to spell, without shortcuts and special characters. You could combine words which are related to your brand to be able to come up with a creative name.

4. If you’re aiming for a local rank or searchability, you could include your location. You’ll never know when you’ll get the same name of website to another one in Europe. Also, including a location may give your potential customers the idea on where you are based and on what range of places you could work for.

6. Use the same name as what you use for your social media accounts. It will be easy for people to remember your name if youa re visible on social media, too. Some businesses start from social media because the basic features are free, so make sure to give a name that stands out.

7. If you’re working on your own, you could put your name, or how others know you. It will be better if you won’t include numbers or other words which may make it less memorable.

8. You could try searching for business same as yours and then get ideas on how they name theirs so that you’ll know which one seems interesting.

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