Strategies For Engaging Your Employees At Work


Rex Draper, Negosentro |  It’s no secret that sometimes your daily work gets boring, and your employees become disengaged with their jobs and the company. While it’s okay for this to occur once in a while, you should try not to make it a regular occurrence. If you do, then you risk producing less quality work. You want people who are excited to come to work and do their best each day. As the boss, it’s your job to step up and make sure this becomes a reality in your office. You can do this by implementing strategies that allow your employees to be more engaged and ready to jump in and contribute.

Encourage Healthy Competition

It’s good to have employees on the edge of their seats wanting to show off their talents, and you can do this by instilling some healthy competition in your daily tasks and projects. One way is to order custom Challenge Coins from Challenge Coins 4 Less and use them as a tool to have your employees try to beat each other out for a prize. This is a fun and lighthearted way to get your staff members engaged and enjoying their jobs.

Give them an Outlet for Feedback

People want their voices to be heard, and the same goes for when they’re at work. Therefore, you should provide an outlet for your employees to voice their opinions and ideas without ridicule. You could have a box out with pieces of paper where workers can write down and share what’s on their minds whenever they want. Also, hold regular group and individual meetings where employees can brainstorm and speak up if they choose to. All it takes to get people engaged is giving them a platform where their thoughts are heard and respected.

Assign Tasks by Skill Level

Dishing out assignments randomly isn’t going to help anyone succeed at your company. You need to be strategic in who you hire for what job and which projects you give to certain individuals. You want to play to people’s strengths and not have them swimming in work that’s over their heads. If this happens, your employees will quickly check out and become disengaged from their daily tasks. Instead, you can increase engagement by making sure everyone on your team is assigned the proper responsibilities which they were hired to do.

Have them Run the Meetings

It’s time for you to step back and let your employees do the talking for once. Engage them by giving your subordinates independence and not micromanaging all they do. One idea is to have staff members switch running your weekly or monthly meetings. It gives them a chance to practice their public speaking skills, set the agenda and learn how to conduct a professional brainstorming session. They won’t have any choice but to be engaged when the pressure is all on them.  


Everyone will be happier when your employees are engaged at work. You can do this by being a leader and making changes that build a culture that requires everyone’s full attention. Set the tone from the top down and see how quickly the employees naturally get onboard.