Rising to the Top as a Most Valuable Employee

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Kevin Gardner, Negosentro |  Continuous improvement, incremental growth, and measurable gains are essential elements in gauging and evaluating the success of any business. There are many factors influencing these elements, but the most influential factors of all are the skills and abilities employees bring with them to the workplace each and every day. How do you know you’ve got what it takes to truly contribute as an MVE, most valuable employee, on a consistent basis? Here are six skills every employee must bring to the table to increase their value in the workplace.

What You Know Makes a Difference

All employees enter the workforce with a defined knowledge base in their given field. A most valuable employee is not only knowledgeable, but can easily apply what they know in a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes. They are problem solvers, well versed in negotiation training, and can creatively apply what they know in both novel and high stakes circumstances.

Bringing A Willingness to Learn

Bringing knowledge to the workplace is essential, and the willingness to continue learning is equally important. According to Accountemps,”Thirty percent of executives said having a willingness to keep learning is the characteristic they consider to be the most necessary for an employee to succeed.” Continuous learning leads to greater opportunity and a higher possibility for advancement; creating a win-win dynamic for both the employee and employer.

Be A Softie

Clearly disseminating your knowledge and ideas in the work environment depends on your ability to communicate effectively and relate well to others. Interpersonal skills that show up in the workplace commonly referred to as soft skills, include listening, both verbal and nonverbal communication, conflict resolution and the ability to accept constructive feedback. These skills are essential assets that every high performing employee must possess. SalesForce claims that “every interaction, business or otherwise, depends on a person’s ability to communicate ideas and concepts to another person. Employers recognize this fact, with 77% of employers saying that soft skills are just as important as hard skills.”

Showing Up as a Team Player

Effective and efficient work does not happen in silos. It takes a team of committed professionals to produce exceptional results. How do you show up as a team member? Forbes identifies teamwork as a challenge in and of itself. “It requires that people manage their egos, develop humility, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts and, above all, commit to one another and to a common goal.”

According to Psychology Today, the highest functioning team members possess most if not all of the following essential skills:

  • active contributors to the workload
  • honest and straightforward
  • reliable and fair
  • have a positive attitude
  • complement other’s skills and
  • are solid communicators

Bring The Passion

A complete and true belief in the day to day work of a company makes the difference between an average employee and valuable contributor. Passion results in true worker engagement and looks like someone who is who is willing to go the extra mile, in front of others, to champion the cause. Passion promotes loyalty, longevity, and long-term employment.

Bringing Cultural Awareness

In 2018 it’s no longer acceptable to have limited awareness and understanding of diversity in the workplace. A willingness to embrace differences implies a whole new depth of knowledge concerning gender, religion, sexual orientation, language, culture and more. Cultural awareness means understanding yourself so that you can embrace others. Diverse workplaces foster multiple perspectives and a depth of interpersonal understanding. The cultural workplace is forever changing, your intentionality in changing alongside your workplace will increase your understandings, deepen your knowledge and keep you on the cusp of showing up as a most valuable employee.