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Storage Solutions that Maximize Space in Your New Home

Storage Solutions that Maximize Space in Your New Home 2020 - Negosentro

Negosentro| Storage Solutions that Maximize Space in Your New Home |Moving home is an exciting affair. If you’ve built a new house, bought an existing one, or if you are simply relocating to another apartment, moving somewhere new can mean a thrilling change of scenery.

But with that excitement comes the challenge of ensuring your new home accommodates all your belongings. Whether it’s the furniture you own, or a set of boxes containing memorabilia, fitting all your things might be a difficult task, depending on what your new abode is like.

If you’re looking for methods to increase space in your new home, below, we provide a few handy tips.

Use a Self-Storage Service

If you’ve tried every trick under the sun and have still found yourself with an abundance of boxes or personal items, you could consider a self-storage service. For instance, if you reserve a unit with storage facility Riverside County, you can be reassured knowing that your belongings are accessible, yet secure. While it may seem strange to store your items outside of your home, at least it means that you won’t need to throw anything away.

Get Creative with Shelving

Space issues can often be solved by being clever with shelving. The key is to be creative — why not try putting shelving around the perimeter of your room or study? Or, if you can aim lower, adding shelves beneath the stairs can be another way to increase space. Other ideas include floating wall shelves or adding shelving units around the perimeter of doors and entrances.

Utilize the Corners

Room corners can often be neglected when it comes to storage solutions. Many people are not accustomed to thinking of these areas to increase space, but there are clever ideas out there such as corner clothes racks, corner desks, corner bookcases, corner toy storage units, and the list goes on. Once you get used to envisioning your corners as storage, the possibilities are endless!

Get Under the Bed

Under-bed storage is quite a popular option, but there are many ways to do this. If you have a bed that doesn’t come with drawers, you can purchase underbed containers that can house bedding, clothing, personal items, and more. 

Hide Things in Other Containers

If you’re searching for somewhere to house smaller items, using other containers like vintage suitcases, chests, or designer boxes can be a great way to keep items hidden away. Some modern furniture like corner coffee tables are even designed to dually function as small storage units. Get creative and consider items that are both decorative and that can serve as a piece of furniture and as a storage unit.

Use the Walls

Another creative use of space is, of course,the walls. In the bedroom, for instance, creating a rack for hanging shoes can come in handy if you have run out of closet space. The walls are also good for hanging coats if you’re unable to house a wardrobe or standing coat rack. Depending on what you need to store, look for creative wall solutions that could just save the day.

There you have it: a few options for saving space in your new home. Enjoy the creative process!

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