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Negosentro| Pick A Lab Diamond Wedding Band |Diamonds have for long been the preferred choice of stone, when it comes to celebrating a special occasion such as an engagement, or as a gift for graduation. This sparkly stone that takes years and years to create is a symbol of a transformation – a piece of carbon slowly transforming into a diamond under the pressure that the earth throws at it. The beautification and the sparkle of this stone have made it extremely popular and its sheen does not seem to diminish or die out as the days pass. Diamonds are still coveted by everyone and it is a symbol of beauty in most cultures around the world. 

There are two main types of diamonds that are available today – one is the lab diamond, and the other is the mined diamond. A lot of people are conscious about the choices that they make when it comes to purchasing jewelry that marks a significant period in their lives. For instance, if you are buying diamonds for your wedding band, a lot of people think that it does not feel right to procure stones that are not ethically sourced. Huge problems with mined diamonds are the ethical and the environmental concerns that plague the mined diamond industry. While there have been attempts to try and make mined diamonds seem like a ‘rare’ commodity and devalue lab diamonds, the truth is that when it comes to authenticity, both are diamonds, and both look great. 

I want to ensure that my diamond wedding band is ethically sourced. If I am unable to do so, are there any alternatives? 

A lot of people choose to go the diamond route when it comes to choosing their wedding band, and with good reason. As stated above, a diamond is a symbol of transformation, and also of love and commitment. If you want to go for an ethical alternative to mined diamonds, one of the best alternatives that you can possibly choose is a lab grown diamond band. Lab grown diamond bands look as good as a real diamond but are much more pocket friendly. 

Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds, for all intents and purposes, are real diamonds. They have a similar structure, chemical composition, and formulation. The only difference is that they are created in a laboratory rather than being mined from the depths of the earth. The fact that they are real diamonds is evident in the fact that people cannot tell the difference between a mined diamond and a lab diamond expect under extremely specific conditions that they can check with very specific equipment. People actually find that the sparkle and the brilliance of a lab grown diamond is much better than one that is mined because it has fewer imperfections and inclusions. 

So, if you are looking for the perfect choice for your wedding band and want to select one that does not have the ethical concerns of a mined diamond, and also want an alternative that is as good as a mined diamond but that is more pocket friendly, lab diamonds are certainly the way to go.