Startups for Starters

startup starters Right Business Type to Start

Kevin Gardner, Negosentro |  As more investors enter the market, startups are becoming increasingly popular in the 21st century. Let’s take a look at the best startup companies in your area and how to find them.

Home connectivity:

Startups that distribute electronic devices are popular due to the sheer demand of these household items. Users are always looking for ways to stay in touch with their colleagues, peers, and loved ones. With strong home connectivity, they are able to do so in more ways than ever. Using startups as a basis, these manufacturers are able to hit a younger audience, one of the busiest demographics in the industry. As you may have guessed, electronic devices are closely related to the tech market. When startups are experienced in both fields, they are able to produce some of the absolute best technologies out there. Judging by the success of mobile phones and tablets, this is a huge opportunity for engineers and technicians alike. Look for these startups in suburbs on the west coast.

Sports clinics:

Sports clinics don’t necessarily imply young kids and students. These clinics are popping up in California and New York as great ways for adults to get exercise. While regular gyms require a membership and constant usage of the facilities, these startups are much more focused on the individual. They feature coaches and trainers who are ready to get you in tip top shape. If you have a new athletic idea, contact one of these startups to see the available options. It is common knowledge that fitness is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, these startups have seen enormous success when publicizing their products. Regardless of a client’s age or fitness level, CEOs have found ways to engage and set him or her on the right track.

Big data:

People usually think of massive companies when they think of big data, but startups in Chicago and Portland have show that smaller businesses can handle such tasks. Due to efficient coding and good work practices, these startups are able to contain big data within a relatively small scope. Local newspapers and magazines have featured their ideas, and in the next few years, look for these startups to make an even larger splash. Big data is one of the hottest fields on the market, and in the future, it won’t be limited to databases or queries. If you find a startup that deals with big data, it is guaranteed that their engineers are well-versed in the best coding practices. Once these companies find increased funding, the sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities of big data.

Physical therapy:

This is not a field often associated with startups. Nevertheless, physical therapy jobs are some of the most promising in the world today. New businesses are taking innovative measures to provide better care than ever. Because these startups operate separately from the regular medical system, they are able to customize their practice however they like. You see newer technology and techniques that would not be explored otherwise. This leads to more effective therapy, and in recent surveys, the majority of patients were grateful that they chose these startups. This is one of the strongest businesses out there, and unlike other disciplines, there is a very tiny chance of failure. Physical therapy is absolutely necessary for the injured or frail, making it a gold mine for success. These startups are commonly located in metropolises.


The best startup companies in your area are not always apparent. Between the most promising and popular fields, there are startups that are changing the way people look at the world.