Financial Literacy 101: How to Improve Your Money Management Skills


Kate Manning, Negosentro |  Managing your own money is a big struggle and you’re not alone. You have so many bills to pay that seemed never-ending, not to mention about your monthly expenses too. Deciding on where your finances are going will make you skeptical since one wrong move and you’ll be done.

Exhausted with the cycle you’re stuck on right now? I’ll tell you what, that is pretty normal. According to US survey, 62 percent of its citizens are having under $1000 in savings, and 37 percent of it is rational about being broke to save money, and mostly doesn’t know how to evaluate their finances.

You need to educate yourself more, learn from your experiences, and be hands-on to your monetary goals. It’s surely impossible for you to be financially literate if you’re just sitting on your sofa and reading a financial book. Therefore, we listed down the 10 most effective ways to improve your fiscal mastery.

Start saving early

No one’s too old to save money for the future. You just simply can’t rely on the insurance you have from your company, neither from your social security. Start reading from one at a time, the one that gives you the impression of affecting your financial stability. It includes your taxes, credit scores, credit cards, investments, and retirement plan. Take it easy and seriously, don’t be too pushy with yourself, start with what you can while assessing your goals.

Maintain a simple budget

It is given that as you get older you are more capable of choosing better options and stuff that you think will help you. Some of it is needed, yes, but some are better off your shelf. What makes it complicated is the demand for your income to be planned better. Maintain it as simple as possible so it won’t give you a headache as much as your mortgages and all that good stuff could do.

Learn how to invest

Make your money grow not by just compensating with your income, be investigative and invest. There is a different type of investments and investment strategy that will surely fit your budget without sacrificing your needs. It is complicated and I understand that the word itself is terrifying but you don’t have to worry, this is not just about being wealthy it’s also about securing your retirement.  Start by giving yourself a chance to figure out how it works and what not.

Take a financial literacy class

Be an expert in money management to fully establish your financial capacity. No one’s too old to study, you can always take a class online if you prefer self-study. But if you’re an admirer or speakers, it’s really good to take lessons from an adult education center or at the nearest college school that offers financial literacy course. And if you’re a certified bookworm, workbooks that tackle finances and budget management is also available in any bookstores.

Surround yourself with success stories

Hear it from the best, that’s what they usually say and this is the most real of them all. Income, taxes, credit scores are all numbers, it’s really mind-blowing if you hated math but that’s not the right way to end your world. You are not alone, we all have different scenarios when our financial stability was tested. And there are certain communities who are willing to spread out their words to encourage you and help you start with your goals.

It’s all about planning and making sure everything will fall down to their places, but your mindset has something to do with it. Look for a motivation and not with your future alone, this will spice you to fight back with your issues and money problems (if there’s any right now).

Create a conversation with them, these speakers won’t tear you instead they are more accommodating compared to others since they felt the same way or even worse. Put on your best attitude and combine it with their knowledge about the crucial situation that monetary terms are included and claim your success.

Start as soon as possible, time is ticking and it’s waiting for your next move. Appreciate your willingness to do it as much as we do. It’s a long way down but you’re never short of resources that can always guide you to proficiency in this matter.