Spend Or Save – Are These 5 Car Upgrades Really Worth The Cost?

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Negosentro.com | Spend Or Save – Are These 5 Car Upgrades Really Worth The Cost? | Whether you’re hunting a certain look, or chasing some extra power, you’ve got plenty of mods to choose from. But with so many customization options on the market, it can be hard to figure out which upgrades are actually worth making, and which are just a waste of time. Here’s the lowdown on five of the most common upgrades: 

LED Lights 

Lights are easy to switch out and relatively low cost compared to many other modifications you might be considering. But are they actually worth it? If you’re thinking of buying LED driving lights, the answer is yes. 

You’ll be getting a brighter, whiter light that lasts far longer than traditional halogen globes. Since LEDs use less power, you should also see lower fuel consumption. Plus, if your base setup is already upgraded, everything will match nicely if you decide to add light bars or other lighting features.

Dyno Tunes

Is tuning your car really all that useful? Well, it depends. If you’re seeking better fuel-efficiency or minor improvements in performance then yes, it probably is. If you’re after a significant boost in power, however, a supercharger or turbocharger is your best bet. They’ll cost a bit more than a simple tune but will provide far more efficient results. 

The caveat here is that a new turbocharger unit absolutely must be paired with a quality blow off valve. You’re going to be forcing a lot more pressure and power through your engine than it is designed to handle, so having the appropriate safety precautions in place is non-negotiable… If you want your car to keep running anyway.


If anyone tries to tell you that better brakes aren’t necessary when making upgrades to your engine, run for the hills. All that extra going power needs equivalent quality stoppers, so brakes should definitely be on your “worth it” list when you’re splurging on the car. 

Air Intakes

Air intakes are a grey area when it comes to whether or not they’re actually worth the time and money to upgrade. While some vehicles will see a marked improvement in performance simply by adding a better/larger cold air intake, others will require more extensive work alongside the initial upgrade to achieve maximum results. 

Long story short, unless you’re certain that upgrading your air intake will provide the results you’re after, or are willing to make further adjustments, a cold air intake probably shouldn’t be at the top of your shopping list.


Now this one isn’t technically an upgrade but we do need to talk about premium fuel. Some cars run fine on basic fuel and others need a higher quality to be happy. The manufacturer of your vehicle would have noted a minimum RON that your car can run on, and trust us when we say that you do not want to go with a lower quality fuel than this recommendation. 

Is it worth running a higher RON than your car actually needs? This one is a bit of a grey area because it depends on what modifications you’ve made and how the car is driven. If you’re just running around town for short errands, it’s probably not worth putting in a higher RON fuel than you need, but if you’ve made any adjustments under the hood, or want to push your vehicle’s performance a bit, it’s definitely a good idea to go with the highest quality you can justify burning. 

So there you have it: three upgrades that are definitely worth it and two that probably aren’t. Let us know about your customization journey in the comments!