Advantages of Renting an Electric Bike over Buying It

The Best Accessories To Invest In For Your Electric Bicycle Best Electric Bike | Advantages of Renting an Electric Bike over Buying It | An electric bike opens up new cycling adventures and experiences. Whether it is for a purpose or pleasure, electric bikes are a new experience.

There has been a significant growth of electric bikes(e-bikes) popularity around the world. The main reason could be because it brings up the fun of riding a bike. It has become prevalent for guided tours, retreats, and rental shops.

Even though an electric bike looks like an ordinary bicycle, its feel and speed don’t compare. It comes with a motor powered by a battery, which offers a power boost. A rider needs to select how much support he/she would need, and its maximum speed can reach up to 20 mph, and a charge can last up to 45 miles.

People are now trying to experience what this bike can do. And perhaps you are wondering whether to buy or hire it. Electric bikes have been on the rise in Australia, and its best to hire at the moment as there are advantages that come with hiring instead of buying it. Here are the advantages:

  • Help in satisfying curiosity

The technology applied in an electric bike is still new in Australia, and hiring one would give you a chance to try it. Perhaps you haven’t tried an electric bike, but the chances are that you have heard people rave about them so much, and you are a bit curious. That’s why it would be an excellent idea to try them first. You can try different bikes with different styles, motors, bikes for men, bikes for women, bikes for smaller riders. Therefore, you will want to try all this to find the perfect one for you. 

If you have been thinking about getting an electric bike, it would be great to test out if you would like to go electric. Hire one and take it home and try it out in the routes you anticipate to take. 

  • Enable you to tap into a growing market

Customers will try to ride the e-bikes because it’s the latest trend, and few people can purchase one. It costs about $2500 to buy a new electric bike, but a tour or rental can offer the same experience for about $40 to $120. 

It can be easy to start a rental business or add some e-bikes to an existing business as compared to starting a retail shop. 

For instance, it would cost you above $100,000 to sell an electric bike at a retail shop. You will invest significantly low when you consider rentals, and revenue would start flowing in much faster than selling the bike itself. Benefit from a growing market and offer your customers a cheaper solution to try out the e-bikes. 

  • Good for exploring

An electric bike lets visitors have a great view. They can reach places where walks, Segway, buses, and cars can’t take them. It could be a perfect way to get around when on vacation, and you want to explore it. If you want to explore Brisbane city, an electric bike could be your best solution. You can cruise around bikeways and side streets by getting a bike at MyEasyRide Electric Bike Hire Brisbane and explore the city. 

Electric bikes make it possible for you to cover more ground than an ordinary bicycle. You can explore areas that you won’t usually tackle, such as steep bridges and hills. With the summer temperatures, you would probably need some electric assist if you want to ride in steep places. If you are in Brisbane for a few days, it would be best to hire an electric bike and explore.

  • Enable you to grow your customer base

Electric bikes allow everyone from experienced riders to beginners to enjoy the fun. There has been a rise in multi-generational vacations, and riding e-bikes is a perfect way for your whole family to enjoy the fun together. 

  • Help in increasing advertising options

Mentioning electric bikes in your advertisement can add a new angle to it. A carefully designed ad on top search engines and other websites can help you get customers instantly. 

E-bikes tend to attract the customer’s attention, helping to pull customers into your business. The customers would be looking to take a ride and learn more. 

  • Convenient for tours and groups

Electric bikes enable everyone to maintain the same pace. People can go for guided tours and group rentals without worrying about falling behind. Therefore, visitors would be focusing on everything that is going on and enjoy the scenery and tour. 


Hiring an electric bike can be a wise decision when you want to try it or when you want to generate more revenue from your business. E-bike is still new in Australia, and it’s on the rise. Therefore, e-bikes can help you stand out from your competitors. Customers love trying new trends, and hiring one can boost your business.

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