Social media influencers? Let’s check what this means

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Source: | Social media influencers? Let’s check what this means | Probably many of us are already aware of the fact that social media platforms are now one of the most powerful methods that can be used for communication, improving businesses and the best part is that you can even earn money from it. For example the social platform Instagram  is a place where people who manage to establish a huge and loyal audience have the opportunity to earn lots of money by only uploading pictures and promoting some brand’s products. These people are called influencers.However,probably many of us have questioned themselves what exactly are influencers and how they manage to earn money from Instagram.

Influencer is a person that has a clout over their followers is able to negotiate big deals from companies and brands in return for promoting their products. For example Kylie Jenner, who was announced by Forbes magazine as the youngest self-made billionaire is the most paid person on Instagram. In order to promote any brand’s product on her Instagram page, Kylie charges the brands with 1 000 000 dollars per post. She and many other popular people on Instagram are generating billions of dollars every year, owing to Instagram. 

With the rise of social media , earning money from the usage of social platforms and becoming an influencer is now a viable way of earning. So in this article we are going to see some tips that can help you to become a successful influencer.

  • Choose your interests and niche. When you decide to try to become an influencer you should first pick your niche. You may have a variety of different interests and areas where you are good with ,but you should choose the one where you are the best at and the content that you are going to publish on Instagram account should be strongly related with your niche. If you post many different topics that don’t engage your audience brands and companies would be less interested to collaborate with you in order to promote their products. On the other hand , once you manage to establish a huge and dedicated audience , you can start posting many different things on many different topics , because your Instagram followers would be already engaged with your content.
  • Advertise your Instagram page and keep your account public. Once you pick your niche, you should start uploading content. I believe everyone uploads content in order to be seen,so when you are developing your Instagram page , make sure that your account is public. When it is public,that means that everybody is able to check your content, if not – only you and the followers you already have are able to check your publication.Well, the main purpose of influencers is to be as popular as possible but it ain’t gonna happen if your profile is closed. So keep the account public and also think of ways for advertising your Instagram page. For example , you can publish the link that leads to your page on other social platforms such as Facebook ,Twitter or Tik-Tok. Another thing you can do is to sponsor your profile or  your publication with a paid advertisement on Instagram. This way you can target the audience you really need by location,age,gender and your advert will appear in their feed. Also you can buy real Instagram likes for your publication which will make the publication appear in  the Explore section on Instagram. This way your account will be noticed by many people,that can become your followers. 

If you decide to become an influencer you should know that it takes time to be a successful one.Don’t expect thousands of money for a month or two. Do your research ,follow the steps,be patience and grab the opportunity.

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