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Which are the best Social CRM to integrate with Facebook leads?

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Negosentro.com | Which are the best Social CRM to integrate with Facebook leads? | If you’re a startup owner, you must be oblivious to the unheard popularity of social customer relationship management (Social CRM), which was once being written as a separate product category. 

The use of social media for both businesses and consumers is on the rise. More than 70 percent of marketers consider social media as “effective” for their business. More than 50 percent of users use social media to search for products, and more than 70 percent of consumers believe social media has resulted in a positive experience with a brand, primarily Facebook, the leading social media platform. 

With 3.5 billion global users and rising, social media for business is the new trend, and every SMB and enterprise needs a robust system that enables them to leverage the power of social media. Here’s where The Best CRM Software comes into play. 

In this article, we’ll be diving into some of the best social CRM solutions that can help improve your Facebook lead generation and conversions. 

Traditional CRM vs. Social CRM

Traditional and social CRM work in more or less a similar way; they capture prospect and customer information, interaction history, etc. to help you facilitate sales, marketing, and customer service. But, a social CRM platform provides your business with a slight edge by adding social media accounts to contact records and tracking each social media interaction, along with traditional email messages and phone calls. Therefore, social CRMs, in addition to monitoring large amounts of customer data, also promote prospect and customer engagement. 

The best social CRM to integrate with Facebook leads

Now that you are familiar with what a Social CRM software is and how it can help improve a business’s marketing, sales, and customer service efforts, let’s have a look at some of the best Social CRM solutions for Facebook. 


LeadsBridge is a comprehensive social CRM system that provides powerful social media marketing capabilities. It enables seamless lead generation, along with connecting the leads to other tools. This software offers various applications and solutions that help you link to other apps. 

For instance, Lead Ads Sync is a tool that allows you to generate leads from Facebook Ads and shares them automatically with the email marketing or CRM tool you use. It helps you integrate with other ERP and SCM solutions as well, which assures complete collaboration and optimized operations. 


Zapier is another widely used social CRM software that provides similar functionality as LeadsBridge. If your existing CRM or email marketing system does not offer native integrations with Facebook, Zapier provides a Facebook Lead Ads feature that enables you to connect with the CRM of your choice. 

Zapier allows integration of Facebook Lead Ads with the following applications:

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Google Sheets
  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailChimp
  • Drip, and more


AdEspresso is a dedicated Facebook Ads and Google Ads management system that helps you enhance the performance of your social media and email marketing campaigns. It offers a built-in feature – AdEspresso DataSync – that helps you connect the lead data from Lead Ads campaigns to your existing email marketing or CRM system. However, you will need a paid account of AdEspresso to use the DataSync feature. The software also offers other features like split testing and automatic optimization that makes your campaign management easier and efficient. 


Connectio is a bundle of robust marketing and branding tools that offers four separate products: ConnectAudiences, ConnectLeads, ConnectExplore, and ConnectRetarget. Out of these, ConnectLeads helps you integrate the leads generated from Facebook Leads Ads campaigns with your CRM systems, funnels, and email tools. 

Moreover, you don’t even need to fill up the complete details in the lead generation forms that are created on Facebook.ConnectLeads delivers an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface that enables you to seamlessly link with autoresponders, CRM systems, and funnel systems with improved accuracy. 


Automate allows you to build automated workflows with Lead Ads, along with enabling you to sync leads with our existing CRM. This social CRM software provides a click-based, hands-free automation setup. It also offers specific workflows depending upon your requirements. For instance, it allows you to connect your leads to your Google Sheets, or facilitate automated emails from any email provider to immerse your newly generated leads. 

DriftRock Lead Response

The last social CRM software on our list is DriftRock, which provides a Lead Ads Integration feature that enables you to connect your Facebook Ad campaign to a CRM and send automatic responses as soon as the lead is captured. Thus, using DriftRock Lead Response with a fully-featured email marketing system can come in handy in keeping your leads engaged. 

Wrapping up

Social CRM software allows you to integrate social media tasks like interactions, keyword targeting, and stream monitoring with contact management functions to help your business interest your leads and convert them more intelligently. Jot down your organizational objectives, and pick a social CRM solution that best fulfills your requirements.

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