E-wallets and the future of mobile payments

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Negosentro.com | Financial digitalization: E-wallets and the future of mobile payments | Using e-wallets in your business is quite convenient. You can forget about the delay in payment of bills and money transactions, which used to be postponed by a day, or sometimes even more. It’s not a secret that such solutions will be more popular in the future. The Wallet Factory Company white-label product – mWallet, can be perceived as a great example of a digital financial app of the future, that is available now.

Such a development can boast with the:

  • 4-level security system. After installation on the smartphone, the user is permitted to make funds transfers only after phone authorization, PIN code, fingerprint checking, or via the KYC module. Detailed information about these moments is presented on the official website of the company.
  • Possibility to attach various payment instruments to the wallet, with benefits of NFC payment – https://walletfactory.com/how-to-pay/contactless-nfc-technology. This refers to the electronic wallet, credit and debit cards, discount cards, loyalty programs, etc. All of them will be gathered in one application, which is available on the mobile smartphone and is at hand at any time.
  • Simple interface. The software is amended by a well-thought-out interface that even a person, who didn’t have experience with working in such applications, will understand everything. It is very simple and intelligible, you need to accomplish just a few simple taps and confirm the procedure (money transfer, currency exchange, etc.). All these will take a few minutes.
  • Great potential for business. Retail companies (queues decreasing, loyalty boosting, etc.), banks (speed up the financial process, etc.), telecom (subscriber’s data monetizing, etc.) and even postal services (remote payments enabling, etc.) get their advantages. 
  • Useful features. Such a platform has a special News option, due to which the client can get information about the interesting proposals or changes in the company. Advertising banners are able to influence the customer’s desire to make a purchase or even present to him/her the possibility to buy something necessary at a very pleasant price.
  • Customer care and CRM system. Here the users can get the answers on frequently asked questions, chat with the company representative, and fix the appeared problems – https://walletfactory.com/mwallet/crm
  • Safe functioning. The soft is greatly protected from the hackers and virus attacks, so all the costs are controlled and ill-wishers won’t be able to steal money or get an access to the wallet’s data. Even in the case of some problems and damages, it’s possible to recover the system and restore the last procedures. After the phone loss, you can save your IDs (user’s account) and protect data on the phone from scammers.

Undoubtedly that in the future such a product and the whole sphere of electronic wallets will develop at a rapid-fire pace. Electronic wallets or e-wallets undoubtedly make life easier for all those who value their time and money. Be sure, this is an excellent assistant system for the quality conduct of your business and perform pays. It has confirmed its functionality more than once, continues to delight the progressive part of entrepreneurs, and will continue to do so.

Image Credit : https://www.pexels.com/

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