Smartphone Accessories That Are Worth Your Investment

Smartphone Accessories

Henry Tan, Negosentro.comAs manufacturers churn out new models after new models of smartphones within months of each other, different accessories also continue to crop up. From audio and video paraphernalia to personalized accents, there’s a ton of items in the market that would overwhelm even the most seasoned techies.

For those who want to buy smartphone accessories that aren’t just for show or for following trends, here’s a list of items that will give the most bang for your buck.

Bluetooth headsets and speakers

Bluetooth headsets eliminate the hassles of tangled cords of regular earphones. They’re also very handy—not to mention very safe and also professional to look at—when taking calls while driving.

For those looking to up their audio experience and client presentation game, you can invest in quality Bluetooth speakers. There are even smaller models with carabiners for those concerned with safety and portability.

Phone cases and tempered glass screen protectors

You’ve already invested in a smartphone with all the bells and whistles the market has to offer — why would you scrimp on a few more dollars to keep your phone safe from scratches and cracks?

Gone are the days when thin plastic sheets are enough to protect your screens; today, tempered glass is the norm. Not only do they last longer, they practically give your phone’s screen a literal extra layer of protection.

Partner up your tempered glass screen protector with a case to further protect your phone. These are usually made of hard plastic, silicone or rubber, or a combination of all three. Some brands even carry waterproof cases for phones that don’t have this feature built in.

Flat-wired charging cables

While NFC docks are becoming more and more popular, most are still using good old wires for charging our smartphones. But flat-wired charging cables (alongside flat-wired earphones and headphones) are changing the game.

For one, they are more durable than their round-wired counterparts because the flat structure allow more room for flexibility. They are also less prone to tangling and are space-saving, to boot.

Power banks

With phones getting more and more features each year, they consume more and more power as well. Power banks are lifesavers, especially when you’re caught outdoors or on the road with your battery indicator blinking red.

Try to find at least a 10,000 mAH, multi-port power bank to share the love. There are also newer models that are less than 10 mm thick, which receives plus points for portability.

Multi-port car chargers

Keep your friends and family connected with a multi-port car charger. This usually fits in to the lighter socket of older cars. And while newer car models already have a built-in USB port, it doesn’t hurt to have more outlets to accommodate more devices.

Photo printers

Technology is usually reliable and lasts long if taken care of properly. However, time and the amount of work we put them through daily can speed up the deterioration process. Tough luck when your storage card gives up on you and all your photos die with it.

Apart from backing up your most important pictures in the cloud and having secondary and even tertiary storage options, printing out your photos is one of the surest way of preserving those memories. Bonus points because you don’t need electricity or battery power to view these printed photos any time you wish.

Micro-SD cards

Internal phone memories can reach up to 64 GB, but for hardcore users, that’s barely enough. Not to mention your phone slows down considerably if you maximize that internal storage.

Good thing most smartphones these days support storage expansion through micro-SD cards. There are phones that support up to 128 GB. Talk about more space!

Having a great smartphone is wonderful, but with the right accessories, you can extend its use and functionality even further. Whether you’re looking for something to enhance your music experience or something to bolster your phone’s battery life while you’re away from home, top-quality smartphone accessories can help you make the most of your phone.

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