How Graduates of an Electrical Engineering Program Can Land a Job Faster

Electrical Engineering Program

Joanna Torres, NegosentroAs you look to finish up your online electrical engineering degree, it’s only natural to get excited and feel hopeful about your future job prospects. In the U.S. alone there are roughly 1.6 million engineering jobs available, and they have an average wage of $42 per hour. This is obviously great news for those with their electrical engineering degree. From 2010 to 2014, the job growth in the field of engineering was in the double digits.

With all this good news, it’s only natural to assume you’ll be able to land a job quickly and easily but, unfortunately, that can often sink your chances. So, what can electrical engineering graduates do to help ensure they find a job faster? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Make Sure Your Degree is Front and Center on Your Resume

You’ve gone to a lot of work to earn your degree, so you want to make sure it is showcased on your resume. Be sure to also state where you earned your degree, especially if it’s a prestigious school such as the New Jersey Institute of Technology, which is known for their cutting-edge programs. Potential employers will take notice of these details and it can give you the leg up on the competition.

If you have specialized in a particular area of interest within the electrical engineering program, this should also be stated on the resume. For example, maybe you specialized in power and energy systems, or perhaps it was mechatronics.

Another tip while on the topic of resumes is to make sure you personalize/customize the resume for each job posting.

Be Proactive in Your Search

Far too often, people wait for an opportunity to fall into their lap or happen, when in reality the odds of this actually occurring aren’t very high. When it comes to finding a job in your field of study, you need to get out there and be proactive. This means actively searching job boards, job websites, attending any industry events, and networking. It has been said that finding a job is a full-time job in itself, which is exactly how you should look at it.

Always be Professional

It’s important you show potential employers just how professional you are, which means making sure you always act the part. If you have given a potential employer your social media contact information, make sure that page remains professional.

Prepare for Interviews

When you do land an interview, you will want to take some time to prepare. Sure, you may know the in’s and out’s in electrical engineering, but you should also take a little time to learn about the company that is interviewing you. It wouldn’t hurt to write down a few questions for them as well, as this will show how interested you are in working for their company.

Plenty of Opportunities for Those That Know How to Find Them

In reality, there are plenty of job opportunities out there for those who know what steps to take in the search process. It’s all about being proactive and getting out there.