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For sure there are 101 answers to the question: what factors should I consider in collecting watches? Some experts would give points to condition, the rarity of the model, classic beauty, or exceptional functionality, but to ease your selection process, here are six important things to consider when collecting timepieces:

Collect watches you will be infinitely proud of

To collect watches is like to celebrate the treasures that matter to you. It is not solely about price or brand, but about the value, it means to you personally. Thus, the first practice to do is to know the kind of timepieces that match your personality; something worthy for you to invest in and hold on to. Do not settle on buying because there is a craze on certain brands or someone told you that it’s coolest thing to own. The worth of your watches should begin with the value you believe they have. This is why vintage watch collection remains appealing through the years despite how simple their designs may be.

Do your homework, learn more about watch collection

After realizing what you truly and genuinely desire about watches, start learning about them. Check the heritage of the brand or why their products are considered iconic, know about wristwatch intricacies (movements, complications, specs, design, or value), and the kind of timepieces that are perfect for you.  Also, do not miss important things such as what size, shape or length fit your wrist well.

Make a definite choice, set your benchmark

Set a benchmark for the watches you look for so you focus on certain types of watches and will not tempt to buy just anything. So, what benchmark you can set? Start with the price range. Whether you have much or just the right amount of money, have a limitation on the price of the timepieces you will buy. With the array of quality watches out there, you will always find timepieces that have similar DNA. All you need to do is to decide which you prefer.

Buy only from authorized dealers or trusted watch stores

Whether you are at the early stage of your watch collection or not, it is beneficial to buy only from reputable and authorized retail boutiques of watches. It is a smart move because you are saving yourself from getting fake watches and unnecessary headaches. Online, you may see hundreds of watch sellers that entice you through ad photos, information, and jaw-dropping prices, but they will not give you the leeway to scrutinize physically the condition of a timepiece. That is not the case if for example, you visit a trusted store such as the Watch Store. For sure, you will be given the opportunity to check the timepiece thoroughly, get your questions answered, and even get to see how it looks on your wrist.

Find your trusted repair and maintenance buddy

Collecting vintage watches may mean a challenge when in need of repair, especially if there is something to replace on it.  But as it goes for all collectible watches, they need good maintenance to keep them intact for years. One popular tip from watch collectors is to go to a repair center that is reliable and trustworthy. It is important because there are times when the repair center or repairman replaces original parts of classic timepieces with second-rate alternatives. So, find someone or a service center you can trust as your partner in repairing or maintaining your collection, such as Timeline. On the other hand, you must also do your part as well to take care of your collection. Keep them away from magnets, high-temperature places, and avoid winding irresponsibly.

Go for quality and variety

Perhaps you are all set now to purchase a timepiece, and you like to have a personal checklist of the things to see. Aside from the length of the brace, also check the width of the lug and the shape of the case. Examine the quality and condition of bezel, date aperture (if applicable), chapter ring, minutes track, and the total look of the dial.

While you are at the store, also grab the chance to check items that you are interested to collect next. This is an opportunity to countercheck your research or to discover more about watches. It is advisable to be diverse and try to have a variety of watches to collect rather than stick to one type only. Keep things interesting.


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