The Importance of a “Girls’ Night Out”

Negosentro | The Importance of a “Girls’ Night Out” | We all know how much girls enjoy hanging out with their girlfriends, but did you know that girl time goes way beyond pure gossiping? According to a study, in times of stress, women’s bodies release oxytocin, a hormone which makes us feel calmer, which in return urges women to tend and befriend. The support women get from their female friends is unlike any other they’ll ever get from their partners, parents or anyone else, which is why in time of need, women feel the safest among their girl buddies. Not only does spending time with friends relieve stress, but it’s also beneficial for several other reasons.

Get the ever-needed gossip time

It’s a well-known fact that hearing all about the latest gossip around the block has stress-relieving effects on all of us. Whether some of your friends ran into your old schoolmate and learned all about their current life events or some of the girls are actually getting engaged, having a baby or switching careers – catching up and exchanging the latest news about each other will be a true refreshment after spending weeks without seeing each other. Plus, being in a group of fun, positive, uplifting women that you can identify with will offer an additional dose of a confidence boost.

Girls Night Out Gossip

It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up

Women love to dress up and pick out sexy outfits even for running errands; not to mention their infatuation with putting together a sexy outfit and splashing on some pheromones for women for a night out with the girls! It is also one of the best opportunities to find lovely party dresses and invest in a piece of clothing that you’ll be able to wear multiple times and feel sexy no matter how you decide to dress it up. Putting on a stylish outfit always gives us a certain dose of ego boost which is very beneficial for a woman’s psyche. This is especially true when you know you don’t need to dress to impress anyone, but purely because you want to look fabulous to yourself. And once you get a genuine compliment from a fellow fashionista, your ego will get a well-needed boost again.

Let loose after a stressful week

Nowadays, people tend to work up to 50 hours a week, which can take a lot of toll on their physical and mental health. That’s precisely why a girls’ night out is essential if you want to feel less stressed out and have some fun with your girls. They’ll always be there for you to vent and share all of your worries and problems with them. Relating to their problems and allowing them to offer their help will make your bond even stronger so make sure you nurture the connection you’ve created. Friendships between women are essential for their personal growth and mental well-being so don’t miss out on invitations for a girls’ night.

Reconnecting with friends in person

Living in the digital era almost makes us miss out on the essential live meetings every person needs in order not to feel lonely. The good thing about a girls’ night out is that you’ll never feel alone because all of you will be in the same room and in person. Sure, Skyping and FaceTiming are great when you’re too busy to meet up, but spending time together in person is much more beneficial than simply texting or speaking on the phone, even if you do it almost every day. You can’t get into deep conversations and share all the details via the Internet as well as you would if you met at a bar or someone’s home.

Girls Night Out Reconnecting with FriendsYou can be yourself

When you’re spending time with your friends, there’s no need for you to pretend to be something you’re not and try too hard to impress others. This is usually what we do among colleagues at work or when we’re dating so that the other person likes us better. However, your girls already know you to the bone, which takes the edge off and makes the night a lot more enjoyable. You don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations and you can finally feel great because you’ll be surrounded by people who love you and who you love.

Final thoughts

Spending time with the girls and away from all the worries of the world is one of the best ways to preserve your sanity. We all need someone to tell all of our troubles to and just hear a bit of pep talk that nobody else but another woman can offer. Therefore, be sure to nurture your female friendships and have regular girls’ nights if you want to feel a stress-free life. 

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