Smart Methods of Attracting More Visitors to Your Site

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Image: | Smart Methods of Attracting More Visitors to Your Site | Ask any website owner and they will tell you that the number one problem of online business is the lack of visitors. Of course, if your website does not get any traffic, it indicates you are not generating any sales. The lack of traffic will also keep you from testing the essential components of your sales process. 

This frustration leads companies to contact Edkent Media SEO Agency in Toronto to devise plans for bringing more traffic to their websites. The problem is, if you roll out the traffic campaigns without testing your site, you will lose potential sales opportunities. Also, it would make your website seem unprofessional to the potential affiliates and partners. 

Most of the website owners get trapped in this vicious cycle. Before starting a big traffic campaign, you need to test your sales process, but without any traffic coming to your site, testing it is almost impossible. The good news is, there are ways for you to break this cycle and make everything hunky-dory for your site. To know how you could do that, you should check the plans we have laid for you in the following section. 

Get The Traffic To Test Your Website Fast

When it comes to testing their sites, most of the website owners ask two questions; how to test the site and what they should test on their sites. 

If you are trying to make your website successful for some time now, you already know that there are infinite numbers of things that you can test on your site to spike the numbers of your sales. From the layout to the content, there are literally thousands of combinations that you can test to enhance the visitors to buyers conversion rate. 

However, when you are just starting your business, you have to draw a line and say enough. That will help you to focus on the important things. The question is, what are the important things that you should focus on? Well, there are four critical aspects of a website that every person should test before starting the traffic campaign. They are: 

  • Sales copy: The headline, guarantees, benefits and CTA. 
  • Order process: Make sure that it is simple enough for a novice web user to understand the process and place an order. 
  • Opt-in Offer: To make sure you are being able to capture the attention of your visitors successfully. 
  • Site Navigation: To understand how many clicks the visitors have to make to buy the product. 

Now that you know what you should focus on, you have to focus on bringing just enough traffic to your site to test these aspects. How to do that? Well, just buy some traffic through PPC search engines. PPC traffic is pocket-friendly, fast and most importantly, qualified. 

Get Cheap Traffic Through PPC Advertising

Once the site is tested, you have to roll out a PPC campaign fast. This campaign should be well planned and meticulous. You should use Google AdWords as well as other PPC engines to create a flawless system. This will help you to get instant traffic too without any waiting. 

Free Traffic From Search Engines

Once you have set up your PPC campaign, it is time for you to concentrate on your organic reach front. The digital marketers of Edkent Media SEO Agency in Toronto use search engines like Google and Yahoo to bring a great deal of free traffic to your website. 

To start that, you have to submit your site to the search engine. This will help the search engine to send the bots to your site to crawl and index it in the search engines. Once your site is submitted, it takes two to six week for your listing to appear. 

However, before submitting your site, make sure you know about the rules of submission of that search engine. Every search engine works while following certain rules. Not knowing these rules before submitting your site can cause a problem. 

Offer Free Content for Publicity

This is perhaps one of the most undervalued tactics for bringing more traffic to your site. You have to give away free content to another website to get a significant number of visitors to your site. Even two or three well-written articles can also do the trick. You just have to make sure that there is no sales pitch hidden in those articles. Offer rare information to your content to make it valuable to the readers. 

Once you have completed the article, write a short bio about your business and place it at the bottom of your article. Make sure to offer a link to your site. This is one of the simplest tricks That will generate considerable traffic for your website. 

There is no doubt that all the above information will help bring more traffic to your website and improve your conversion rate as well. However, if you want to maneuver your website like the Edkent Media SEO Agency in Toronto, you have to do more reading and research. This will offer you in-depth knowledge about these tricks, which will help you in the future. 

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