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Smart Home Cleaning Gadgets Makeover Home Extension
Image: | Smart Home Cleaning Gadgets | Some people lament everyday domestic duties more than others. You’ll occasionally encounter an individual who gets a kick out of housework, but most wouldn’t refuse a little help around the home.

Precisely where the latest smart home cleaning gadgets can be an absolute godsend. Slowly but surely, advanced connected robotic technology is transforming the way the world approaches everyday chores. We’ve not quite reached a stage where technology takes care of the whole thing, but there are dozens of jobs that can now be automated with ease.

As for where to get started, these are the smart home cleaning gadgets you’ll wonder how you ever got by without:

  1. A Smart Robot Vacuum 

First and foremost, robotic vacuum cleaner technology has evolved immensely over recent years. From carpets to hard floors to rugs and so on, a smart robot vacuum can do a lot. Some of the better models on the market even pack the kind of punch needed to deal with embedded pet hair, making them essential for pet-friendly households. Make the right choice with a good smart robot vacuum and you’ll almost never need to reach for your traditional upright again.

  1. A Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Speaking of pet-friendly households, this clever innovation can entirely eliminate one of the most unpleasant chores associated with pet ownership. Though admittedly quite pricey, the self-cleaning litter box has been designed to automatically separate your cat’s ‘business’ from the clean litter. All the nastiness is deposited into a carbon-filtered drawer – all you have to do is empty it on occasion.

  1. Window Wizard 

This is perhaps the next smart home cleaning ‘standard’ we’ll all be adopted sooner or later. Armed with an array of sensors and a powerful suction system, the window wizard maneuvers its way around glass surfaces of all kinds to get rid of every last smudge and smear. It can be controlled remotely using any connected mobile device with an accompanying app, while also having the option of being mains powered or cordless with 30-minute battery life. If cleaning windows on a constant basis drives you crazy, this really is the smart gadget for you.

  1. Laundry Folding Robot

On one hand, you could say that yes – an automatic laundry-folding robot is somewhat large, expensive, and arguably unnecessary. Nevertheless, use it for a couple of weeks as the head of a busy household and you’ll be thanking the heavens you bought it.  As the name suggests, you simply slot your laundry into the feeding mechanism and it takes total care of the folding process on your behalf. It’s also quick enough to do an entire basket of laundry in less than 4 minutes. 

  1. Automated Toilet Bowl Cleaner 

While you’re at it, why not automate one of the most unpleasant of all domestic duties? This thing has been designed to automatically clean, sterilize, and deodorize your toilet bowl on a continuous basis, without the use of any harsh chemicals or synthetic cleaning products. It’s also exceptionally easy to install and perfectly discreet.

  1. Microfiber Robot Cleaning Ball

Whether this thing will ever truly take off remains to be seen, but it’s effective and adorable in equal measures. This ball of microfiber fluff contains a motor that propels it around your home, picking up unwelcome dust and debris along the way. It also doubles as an irresistible cat toy, though does have a habit of frightening nervous dogs! 

  1. Robot Mop

Last up, a good robotic mop makes the perfect addition to a smart robot vacuum. Set them up to clean and mop your floors automatically at periodic junctions throughout the week and save yourself hour after hour of back-breaking labor.

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