Selling on Autopilot: 5 Dos and Don’ts of eCommerce SEO

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Credit: | Selling on Autopilot: 5 Dos and Don’ts of eCommerce SEO | To become a successful online merchant, you need to learn how eCommerce SEO works. Find things that you can do to improve the visibility of the products listed on the e-commerce website. Avoid errors that may hurt the ranking of your products. Here are the five dos and don’ts of e-commerce SEO.

  1. Do Provide Quality Product Descriptions

Offer exciting and informative descriptions for different products in stock. Make it simple for potential buyers to access the products’ features and compare them with close substitutes. By doing this, you will improve the online store ranking and enhance customer experience. Consult experienced SEO experts like Platform Creator to get insight into developing unique product descriptions.

  1. Do Allow People to Review Products on Your Online Store

When online shopping, people rely on reviews from other buyers to make the buying decision. The reviews will also provide the eCommerce website with unique content and keywords that help increase traffic.  

  1. Do Check Search Demand to Decide How to Best Optimize Product Pages

Research on the keywords consumers are inputting on search engines when shopping for the products you offer. The goal is to use these keywords and phrases on the titles and content to boost the website ranking.

  1. Do Optimize for Mobile

Make your online store mobile-friendly to take advantage of the increasing number of smartphone users.

  1. Do Use Speaking URLs

A speaking URL is the one that has the name of the product on it instead of a vague ID. With this, it is easy for a person to see the URL is for the product he or she plans to purchase. Effective use of speaking URLs will increase the website traffic and improve ranking.

  1. Don’t Copy Product Descriptions From the Manufacturers

Many other online stores are using the product description from the manufacturer. Doing this creates duplicate content on multiple websites, which is terrible for SEO. Create unique product descriptions to improve the visibility of your online store.

  1. Don’t Duplicate Title Tags

Try as much as possible to have unique title tags for all your products. It may be hard to find different keywords to use if you sell multiple products from the same brand. In this situation, focus on creating unique keyword phrases that will improve your online store SEO ranking.

  1. Don’t Depend Too Much on Pay Per Click to Generate Traffic

Pay per click is a useful tool for generating web traffic; however, you need to combine it with other tactics. The reason is that not all people will click on the ads. Have alternative ways of generating traffic for your online store to increase sales.

  1. Don’t Plagiarize Content

Search engines rank a website that copies and pastes content from other sites poorly. It is okay to check competitors’ content and see the keywords and phrases they are using, but don’t copy it. Instead, use it to learn how to create original content that ranks well.

  1. Don’t Overuse Keywords

Keyword stuffing makes the content lose relevancy and become repetitive. Instead of using many keywords, focus on a few quality ones.

Following the right SEO tactics will improve the ranking of your e-commerce website and increase traffic. Pay attention to the small things that may hurt your ranking. Ensure that you provide informative and original content to enhance visibility.

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