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Angela Joseph, Negosentro |  Content marketing is an indispensable strategy for your brand to excel in the digital environment. However, it is not enough to just produce serial content to generate business, you have to have a goal. This goal could be to subscribe to the newsletter, request a quote, buy a product or generate leads.

But why generating leads is so important to your business? Leads are potential customers who have an interest in your business. That is, generating leads means capturing the contact of those people who are most likely to acquire your products and services.

Lead generation allows you to identify the customers who really have the potential to become customers. Above all, it makes it possible to qualify these people, by means of content, that are not yet ready for consumption. This increase the chances of generating long-term sales. Now that you already know that generating leads is key to success in attracting customers, here’s how to shape your blogging strategy to generate more leads:

Produce an Unforgettable Content

The starting point for attracting the interest of your audience is the content. To create memorable content, you need to clearly identify what your person expects. Some companies forget to consider what their ideal client needs and fail. For this reason, know all details about the profile of your ideal buyer. Interviews with key clients, for example, offer many valuable insights for building that content. Another possible action is to seek referrals on the internet. So, you can come up with good ideas to create an original and irresistible text!

Attract Qualified Visitors to Your Blog

Before any strategy to generate leads, your blog needs to increase the number of visitors. After all, how can you capture the contacts of your audience without audience? So, invest in the famous SEO tactics so that your page is well positioned on Google. Look at the top keywords in your marketplace to optimize titles, captions, description, URLs, and images from your blog. In addition, social networks are fantastic channels for spreading your content and driving traffic to your page.

Promote your articles so that the person stays longer on the blog and, consequently, is converted into a lead. Most of the time, without the investment in media the results can take a long time to appear. So, invest in ads on key social networks so that the volume of qualified visitors increases considerably in a short time. Google AdWords is also a great online advertising solution. Ads can be used as a strategy for attracting traffic and conversions.

But remember: more important than the quantity of visitors is the quality of them. Concentrating on volume alone is one of the biggest mistakes made by brands. If you attract a huge amount of people who have no interest in your business, lead generation will be a failure.

Use Powerful Call to Actions

The irresistible invitation to some specific action is called call to action. For your blog to be a source of leads you need to create calls – especially at the end of articles. You can focus the strategy on an e-book, webinar, infographic, among other formats. The important thing is to make the potential customer take another step in the consumer journey. Inserting banners on the side of the blog is also a great tactic to catch the attention of the consumer. Use contrasting colors to attract the persona and potentiate lead generation within your page.

In this way, the lead will be educated by your business until the moment of the purchase decision. This means that marketing will qualify the potential customer for the business team to contact when the time comes. With this strategy, the possibility of increasing sales grows more and more! After all, the lead will be addressed only when it signals a higher propensity to consume.

Create Efficient Landing Pages to Generate Leads

When you click on the call to action, the lead should be directed to the famous capture page. Many companies make terrible mistakes when creating landing pages with very extensive forms or confusing communication. Certainly, this results in a drastic drop in lead generation. After all, people want to spend just a few moments to finalize this process. To prevent the potential customer from giving up and abandoning your landing page quickly, it is essential to create a clear and objective page. In it, it is necessary to contain the main information about the reward that the person will receive when filling their data. Initially, place few fields. Only name and email will be enough to start generating leads.

Do Not Forget The “Thank You” Page

Many people overlook the importance of this phase in lead generation. After conversion, the potential customer should be guided on the next steps. That is, if the person downloaded an e-book you must inform that within moments it will receive an email containing the material or the download link, for example. Another advantage of creating this page is to continue leading the person along the funnel. That is, you can suggest texts or videos that complement the material accessed. As a result, the lead stays longer in contact with your brand. Thus, it progresses more and more into the funnel towards the purchase decision.

Evaluate Results

To measure the effectiveness of your strategy, use the A / B test and compare the conversion rates. Applying different call to actions can indicate which call converts more, for example. Other elements can be tested preferably one at a time, such as: colors, text, position of information, fill fields, among others. The important thing is to be able to identify the necessary adjustments to generate more and more leads!

To Conclude….

Starting a blog is an easy task especially with access to the right tools – anyone can create yours. However, forming an authority in the acting market to generate business is not so simple. You need to have a well-structured planning to achieve positive results in the online world. After all, the process of generating leads is only part of the methodology proposed by inbound marketing.

Author Bio:

Angela Joseph is a digital analyst and technical writer. Currently she`s working in Digital Gravity, a web design agency in Dubai and trying to improve herself in the blogging career.