Should you join a union for salespeople?

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Are you passionate about your job in sales? Do you care about equality and security? As a salesperson, the easiest way to stand up for what you care about in a community of like-minded people is to join a union such as this union for salespeople.

What is a union?

Unions are formed in workplaces across the world to create a “collective voice”, allowing people to have a say about everything from salary and working conditions to job benefits and incentives. They can be any size, and enable workers to have their opinions heard on all range of common workplace issues.

Why should you join a union for salespeople?

There are really no catches to joining a union for salespeople – only benefits. Here’s why you should consider joining one yourself:

  • For overall workplace security

There is surprisingly little job security in sales, mainly because you are judged on the results you can produce in a way that people in other careers aren’t. Many sales unions allow you to form an employment contract with your employer, of which any changes have to be negotiated with the union before being put in place. You should be able to vote for or against the proposed changes, meaning your working conditions can’t be altered unexpectedly without you being aware beforehand.

  • To improve your productivity

If you know that you have a say in how you are treated in the workplace, you’re going to be happier on the whole. You’re going to want to do a good job, and you’re far likely to be more productive in what you do because of it. There is no motivation quite like equal pay, fair working conditions and plentiful job benefits. A union for salespeople allows for its members to use their collective voice to ensure that all jobs in sales are fair, respectful, and safe.

  • To promote a fair working environment

Unfortunately, as is the nature of the sales environment, there are far too many sales managers who abuse their positions of power and behave unacceptably towards sales reps. Joining a union should help to fight against this sort of behaviour and put a stop to it in the long run, enabling your sales job to be a more enjoyable experience on a day-to-day basis.

  • To set standards for a job in sales

Applying for a job in sales is far too easy, and it’s time the career was treated with much more importance and respectability than it is today. By joining a sales union, you can help to increase the social status of sales jobs and encourage an exclusivity in applying to become a salesperson. Sales isn’t easy, and this needs to be recognised far more widely in the recruitment process.  

  • To increase awareness of the importance of the salesperson

Businesses wouldn’t survive without sales, and that’s a fact. Salespeople are directly responsible for making the sales that keep businesses alive, which is an exceptionally important job that deserves far more respect. Joining a sales rep union makes it possible for you to increase awareness of just how vital salespeople are to business. 

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