How to Craft a Marketing Campaign

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How to Craft a Marketing Campaign | Few businesses can stay alive without an effective marketing campaign. How you structure your marketing and marketing strategies should start with knowing your budget and goals then expand to the finer details. Marketing doesn’t have to be something only the big companies do well.


Create clear goals that are realistic for your company to achieve. Break these goals down into monthly steps, so you can measure how effective the marketing is working. Checking in monthly with your goals lets your company change course if needed to better reach your annual goals. Using the experience and skills of professionals like former Chief Marketing Officer Eyal Gutentag can make a difference in your business’ growth.


Before you can know what marketing strategies you can employ, you need to know how much you can reasonably afford to spend. If you already have a marketing person in the house, make sure they are keeping the budget in mind before presenting a proposal. Some marketing strategies are more cost-effective than others. Some strategies may simply have to wait until you have a larger budget. Marketing should bring you leads and revenue not cost more than you can afford.


Create a way to track the efforts. If using a social media campaign, have a way to see how many people interact with the posts. Those posts should link back to your website. How well does your website spark interest? You can track that by looking at your lead generation, email subscriptions, and page clicks. Knowing where you are can help you see how well things are working.


Look at the details of your campaign. Do you want to focus on two areas only due to budget constraints? See if there are ways for those areas to integrate together for more effective marketing. Think about actionable items that you can see visible results and implement them. Work to reach your target audience which may require market research before launching the campaign. Create a campaign that works together that can expand as you are able to reach your ideal audience.

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