Seven ways to make money from a plot of land


Clyde Gordon, Negosentro |  Are you the proud owner of a plot of land? Are you eager to see a return on your investment, but unsure where to start? If your answer to these questions is yes, it is important that you evaluate your options as soon as possible. Doing so will speed up the process of you bringing in extra money and making the most of your outside space. If you truly want to secure success, you will need to select an option that perfectly suits your needs and helps you to feel excited about the work ahead of you. Below are seven ideas to get you inspired.  

Explore a cell tower lease

The first option that you should explore is setting up a cell tower on your land. This is an easy way for you to make money, without putting in an enormous amount of effort. If you are viewing this as an investment opportunity, just make sure that you secure expert advice before making any big decisions, as advice will ensure you are getting everything you deserve form your cell tower lease agreements. Even if you already have an agreement in place, it is still worth your while to get in contact with an expert. Simply visit to evaluate your options today.

Grow your own fruit and veg

Another viable option is to grow your own fruit and veg. If you are a green-fingered individual who loves to spend time outdoors, this is the ideal pathway. In order to feel confident in your decision, you should get some practice working on your own garden. Perhaps you could turn over a small plot of turf or set up a raised bed. Alternatively, you could attend an agricultural course and master the basics, as this will come in handy when or if you decide to move to a larger space. When you have made it through the first season, you should contact local suppliers to see if they will stock your produce. Or, if you find it hard to sell in bulk, you could set up a stall at your local market. Once you have established a strong reputation for yourself, you could progress to running a pick-your-own or a family friendly pumpkin patch.

Consider property development

Another viable option to try your hand at is property development. Property development is a fantastic opportunity for you see an impressive return on your investment. You need to make sure that your land is in a desirable area to be truly successful. Otherwise, it is unlikely that you will make a profit. Why not evaluate the property prices in your location? Perhaps your land is in an area that attracts young families who are looking for multiple bedrooms and plenty of green space. Or, maybe your land is in an area that is popular amongst business professionals who are happy to live in an apartment block or a condominium. You need to know all this information before you push forward with any development plans.

Set up your own vineyard

If you do not think your land is suitable for a property project, you could always set up your own vineyard. Again, this is the ideal chance for you to establish a high-quality business that you can take pride in. Even if you are not a connoisseur, you could always seek assistance from an expert, sign up for a course, or secure work experience at another vineyard. This specialist information will be incredibly valuable if you decide to host tasting parties at your vineyard or hope to sell your products on.

Set up a glamping site

Another innovative idea is to use your land to set up a glamping site. Your site could involve anything from small wooden cabins to uniquely beautiful tents. In addition to this, you could put together a large campfire and use tree stumps for seating. Your guests are also likely to expect fully functioning toilets and shower facilities. You could even organize evening entertainment for all of your visitors. Although this will involve extra effort, the more you do, the more you can charge. Just remember to take it one step at a time. It is also important that you ask your guests for feedback and make any changes accordingly. Alternatively, if you are worried about taking on more than you can handle, you could always set up a standard campsite. It will dramatically reduce your workload and make it easier for you to manage your business remotely.  

Rent out your plot to other people

You could take even more of a step back by renting out your plot to other people. Renting it out is a simple yet effective way for you to generate a second income, without running yourself into the ground. You could allow people to farm your land or use it to hold their livestock. Alternatively, if you have a significant amount of funds available, you could purchase a set of storage containers and rent them out to businesses and individual parties. If you move forward with the latter option, just make sure that you invest in your security measures and work hard to find a suitable insurance policy.

Put together an outdoor activity space

Finally, you should consider using your land as an outdoor activity space. Ideally, you should select an activity that is unusual, as this will provide your clients with an incentive to go out of their way. Why not settle on an idea that matches your interests? Doing so will make it easier for you to feel passionate about your entrepreneurial endeavors and to convey your enthusiasm to everyone you encounter. You could try your hand at paintballing, set up a shooting range, or create a skate park. Another option is to set up an obstacle course for either human guests or canine visitors, and this will be surprisingly easy for you to do. It will also be incredibly cost-effective, as you can use second-hand items from scrap yards such as old tires, barrels, and car parts.

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