Secrets to Boosting the Performance of Your Gaming Room

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Alfie Vera Cruz, Negosentro | What makes for the best gaming room? It’s a tough question, especially with the avalanche of hardware available to come up with unique gaming consoles.

Besides the tips we are going to share below you may want to know how to boost  internet speed for a smother online gaming experience.

Nevertheless, there are those essentials every pro gamer needs to boost their game room no matter if you play online games or not.


How big or small your gaming room is does matter. It is advisable to dedicate one room in your house for pure gaming. This ensures your fun space does not take away from the rest of the house and you also have fewer distractions to contend with. In addition, you have to consider if the available space will fit your gaming setup.

The best gaming room should fit your gaming station and the couch you will be sitting on. It should also have enough spacing between the gaming station and where you sit. This way, you can move around freely with limited obstructions. Consider a space big enough to fit a couch for two or three in case you will be inviting friends over for a tournament.

Gaming Desk

The gaming desk is the holy grail of the entire gaming room. This is where all your consoles, gaming screens, keyboard, and all other accessoriess are set up. Check for an affordable gaming keyboard in 2020 if you have limited budget. There are plenty of gaming desks available today, so choosing what you need is a matter of personal preference. Go with a proper l shaped gaming desk that is ergonomically designed to fit everything you need to be a pro gamer. Make sure it also allows you to maintain a good posture as you get into the action.


Part of the secrets to boosting the performance of your gaming room is to step up the sound. Installing high quality speakers add a 3D experience to your gaming.  2.1 speakers are a good place to start.  If you have some extra money to spend, then go for 5.1, 7.1, or 9.1 surround speakers; you won’t regret it.

Soundproof your gaming room

While installing high quality gaming speakers, be mindful of the noise that may otherwise irritate your family members or the neighbors. Soundproof your fun space to limit the sound to that room alone. This also minimizes sound leaks hence amplifying the sound quality of your gaming set up.

There are plenty of materials you can use to mask off excess sound from leaving your fun space. You can go with something inexpensive like installing insulation forms, or hang carpets on the wall. If you don’t mind spending, you can purchase acoustic panels to regulate the sound in your gaming rooms. You can also invest in noise cancelling dry walls and install heavy curtains on the windows.

Cable Management

The last thing you need is your joy stick getting tangled in-between the heated action, or have some trip over the mains cables and black out all your screens. So you have to consider the wiring setup you are going to use for your gaming setup. Keep it clean and simple by passing wires under the carpet or behind shelves.

Bundle the wires together to prevent them from spreading all over the space. Invest in extension cables to help manage your cable setup better. If you cannot see the wires when you walk into your gaming room, you have done it right.

Upgrade Your PC

Tweaking up your PC or gaming console can make all the difference in terms of enjoying the experience. For the PC gamer, ensure you have enough memory in your CPU or iMac. This prevents the system from overheating or hanging in between games.

Get a high-end graphics card to boost the visual quality in your games. Whether its NVIDIA, ATI Radeon, or Intel HD Graphics, go with graphic card that is at least 4GB and above. Go with the latest in the market like DDR4 and DDR5. If you already have the latest graphics installed, ensure the drivers are up-to-date to keep the card’s optimum performance.

Gaming Screen

When it comes to gaming screens, you can either go with a projector or a TV screen. Projector lovers have more control in terms of varying the screen size and distance. TV screens have a constant size but you can boost viewing angles by adding more screens to your setup. Most gamers go with a setup of two to three curved screens to provide a surround view of the game.

In addition, whether you are getting a plasma or LCD screen, it has to be high quality. Do not settle for anything below 1080p screen quality. Become a pro gamer and go with a 4K screen which has crispier details. And lastly, your TV screen should come with enough ports to fit all the components you will need like keyboards, joysticks, game pads and so on.


Now you know the real secrets to boosting the performance in your gaming room. The above tips should get you started and ensure you have the best gaming experience in your life.

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