Is There Any Risk In Picking Native Over Non-Native Apps For Developers?

Native Over Non-Native Apps

Pratik Kanada, Negosentro.comFor a developer, whatever comes in the way or whatever innovation enters the market, he should be knowing it and exercising it. Yes, it is a troublesome job to be in the know of the every update and its effective implementation. But the question here is, what if given him a chance, which side they would pick? Which platform they think is riskier and which one is more safe and convenient to develop an app with? Let’s have a look at the developers take on native or non-native: the risk factor.

Risk factor

What acts as the deciding factor between the non-native and native web and cloud apps is the functionality of the apps and not to forget one of the essential factors that are the total cost of mobile app development. What is placed on the priority is the easy and flexible use of the apps in the organization and users convenience and feasibility. Native mobile apps have an upper hand because they are built on the actual mobile OS and the most prevalent ones are Android and Apple IOS. Coming to hybrid apps, both native and web OS features are conjoined to come up with a cross platform application which can be even accessed through a web browser. When it comes to local installation, it is possible with native apps, but not with the hybrid ones.

When put into a comparative study, native apps will cost more as compared to that with the non-native one. But when it comes to user experience, there are no divergent ways to the fact that native apps are in the lead. With native app development, you are having the flexibility to customize the app in a way that fits in with user’s needs. Even when you look from the performance perspective, native apps have upsurged and agile performance than non-native apps.

Those mobile application development company who are indulged in developing web apps, there is always a risk involved whether to come up with an app with such limitations or not. When you are indulged in a business and that too competitive one, you have no choice but coming up with the best and even then you are not sure of being bought as the people of your league also have similar products. There’s a difference between watching a movie in HD and watching a movie without HD. A user experience freak will never watch without HD. A similar thing applies to apps, you can’t compete with the excellence in mobile or web apps without going native.

The immense amount of risk involved in non-native apps is failing in providing the users with the best user experience. The chance of your user slipping to customers prevails if they have better offerings. Users and customers are following the mobile shift and are relying more on mobile computing and an app with dissatisfying user experience can a huge fall for the enterprise. If you are currently involved with cross platform app and facing performance issues, then shift to native app development as soon as possible.

What about cloud-based enterprise apps?

Well, you must be thinking what you are lacking back at by not developing cloud based enterprise apps natively? To make your software work in the cloud will need an enterprise architecture. Now, this is totally different from what your routine enterprise design. Once your infrastructure sets on the cloud, you are available with plenty of options on how to develop an app. By going native in the cloud arena, you are set at an outset with a plethora of options including scaling and elimination. The native cloud app development process is more hardcore and hence you can easily have a shift from one data center to the other without any kind of breakage in the service. Payment procedure is also convenient here. You pay only for the resources you have used.

The payment method is not the only X factor here, the added benefits include reduced development time and availability of the resources. Low infrastructure, prone to changes, durability is the key needs in current time. Companies that indulge in non-native are devoid of the above-mentioned benefits.       

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