9 Most Popular Productivity Extensions for Chrome [Infographic]

Venus Labrador, NegosentroGoogle launched Chrome in 2008 and it has been a competitive journey for the internet giant ever since. The browser market was already tough with players like Firefox and IE leading the front.

If we take a look at year-on-year figures, for the first three years since inception, Google aggressively worked on to build a browser space.

Chrome gained all the popularity that IE lost between 2008 to 2011. Firefox, Safari and Opera were somehow able to sustain with relatively steady numbers but not for long.

As per StatCounter, Chrome holds 63.47% of the desktop market share in July 2017, well ahead of others. Firefox is the next in the list with 13.83% and then the rest.

This shows the clear domination of Chrome and gives an idea how difficult it is to stay in the competition, forget giving a fight.

While small and big businesses always struggle and explore ways to increase their mobile app popularity, Chrome has over 1 billion downloads on Playstore alone. Chrome is again in the lead with 47.98% of mobile and tablet market share worldwide.

Today, a good percentage of internet users depend on browser extensions to carry out their day to day work. By adding these small plugins the functionality of the browser can be extended. Plugins can change the interface of the browser but the static properties and viewable content of the web page is not affected.

You can go to Playstore and there would be ample of categories to choose from. Right from marketing to content management, privacy and aesthetic requirements, these extensions or plugins greatly ease out our activities at work.

With this infographic, today we take a look at some of the most popular extensions for Chrome that helps you to be more productive by being better organized and streamlined.


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