Do I need to restructure my company?


Negosentro|Your business is up and running – and it’s been fine for a while, but you think there’s something missing. Is everyone in the correct roles? Have you got the right number of people in the right teams?You might now be thinking that you’ll have to do a company restructure to revitalise your business. Before you do, though, you should ask yourself some questions. The answers to those will determine whether such a move will really be beneficial to your organisation. You can then determine your next steps – these are some items that’ll help you with that.

Has your brand changed in size?

Many people hear the word ‘restructure’ and only link it to times when a company shrinks and employees are being laid-off. However, this isn’t the only time you should consider a restructuring program because it’s also applicable if your brand has started to grow.Let’s say your business started off with four people, and one of them was for social media and publicity. Once you’re up to around 100 employees, it may be that it’s appropriate to separate that role so there’s one for communications and another for marketing.If you have to downsize your business, look at the roles and departments that remain. It may be that some can be included in a new part of your organisation.

Are managers managing effectively?

This is another question about how your company has grown in recent times. The thing to ask yourself is whether your managers’ span of control can be maintained effectively with the number of people who report to them. If there are too many, then the answer will be no – and if that’s the case, then it may be time to think about a restructure.If there are too many people for one person to manage, then you may need to split up that team so there are two managers (for example). This will mean they can spend enough time with employees to make sure everything is working well.

Are my employees happy?

First, you should see if morale is low among your teams. If so, see why. It might be that they have been giving you feedback about certain actions that should have been taken and it hasn’t happened. This can also include poor management and broken promises, among other things.Another indication may be your turnover rate of both employees and clients. Your customers may no longer be happy with the product or service you’re offering them. Your employees may not be happy, competitors are offering better compensation packages, or changes that should occur are not – so your staff are leaving. If there’s a pattern, you should make sure you get feedback on it.

It looks like we need a restructure – what next?

An organisational restructure needs careful planning so your business’s move in a new direction is carried out well. This can, after all, make or break your company.So, make sure you create a vision and a plan for your restructure, map the process and be prepared. You should manage productivity and motivation – and, if you need to let employees go, be clear about entitlements.

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