Red Flags that you CAN handle your money

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Being financial-savvy is your ticket to financial freedom. Here are signs that you are already on the right track in handling your money. If you aren’t then these are your goals!

1. You have a savings account

Nope, that’s not it, you have a savings account and it remains untouched on withdrawals. You must have more deposits. That’s what having a savings account means.

2. You can treat yourself

You have that extra stash allotted for your sudden cravings or rewards you want to treat for yourself. Whether it’s a good spa session, a new mobile phone or just a nice meal for dinner.

3. You have an emergency fund

This is a must, pay check to pay check isn’t enough. If you need to be confined or need to buy expensive medicines, you must have that fund to suffice for yourself. Just a reminder though, emergency fund should not come from your savings account, it is separate.

4. You can sleep at night

Money problems keep you awake. Because you worry about debts, bills to pay and every shortcoming you want to spend on. So if you can sleep at night soundly and worry-free, you are financially prepared.

5. Bills? No problem!

This is you when you already set aside your daily expenses on utilities, rent, food and all the priorities you need to pay.

6. You are debt-free

Good! When you don’t have utangs from your best friend or sibling, then you are responsible. You try to really pay off debts right away because you don’t want increasing interests. Paying bills on time is all about staying debt-free.

7. You no longer follow trends

If your mobile phone is 1-2 years old now, congrats! You know how to be satisfied when it comes to being techie. Almost every three months, new models of mobile phones come out in the market and you are just fine not having it. You also don’t follow the fashion trends, as long as you have the classic closet needs, you’re alright!

8. You do expense tracking

You may have a money app or a small journal for writing all your expenses. You might be doing this because you keep track of the expenses you must’ve not spent or what you need to spend on. Recording your expenses help you to be clear on what you are really spending. Collecting receipts help too.

9. You are a side-hustler

Now you’re a superhuman! You have the initiative on how to earn more extra money for yourself. The reason that you do freelancing maybe because you think your monthly paycheck isn’t enough or you just need that extra for your savings and splurges.

10. Staying healthy

When you take care of yourself, that means you are avoiding the expenses that it may incur when you get sick. You know how much cash you will spend when you forget about taking for yourself. When you stay healthy, then kudos!

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