Recruitment: Using LinkedIn to crush the competition

Recruitment: Using LinkedIn to crush the competition Tips for Fantastic Modern Recruitment 2020 - Negosentro
Image Source: | Recruitment: Using LinkedIn to crush the competition | Company staff recruitment professionals must deal with multiple diverse challenges today. It can be extremely time-consuming to review an overload of job applications. It can also be difficult and discouraging to fail at attempts to contact the most qualified candidates for an employment position. In today’s fast-paced, competitive job market, time is of the essence in attracting and hiring the best candidates for jobs.

One major area of expertise that successful business talent recruiters have mastered today is how to get qualified leads on LinkedIn. By exploring the advanced features offered by Dooozen tools and options, you can attain high recruitment success rates as well. Using LinkedIn for recruitment is much more effective with the aid of advanced features and functions.

Benefits of Using an Advanced Automation Tool for Recruitment Campaigns

Using a top-rated automation tool can help ensure success for your company staff recruitment campaigns as you crush the competition. Tools like the Dooozen LinkedIn Automation Tool offer multiple useful and time-saving features that can benefit recruiters significantly. These features include the following:

  • Automated Messaging and Networking. This tool enables you to contact and connect with potential job candidates quickly and easily. You can reach your target market without the hassle of sending messages manually. You can also produce and send automated chains of messages, follow-ups and updates with ease. Using LinkedIn for recruitment is much easier with automated messaging and networking.
  • Learn About and Manage Your LinkedIn Network. You can use this versatile tool’s sophisticated search filters and tagging options to manage your network of LinkedIn connections. You can gain knowledge about your network members and often discover good leads among them.
  • Track the History of Your LinkedIn Activities. When you know the story of your LinkedIn activities, you can avoid spamming your network while maintaining a secure account.
  • Revise LinkedIn Recruitment Strategies According to Statistics. You can improve the results of lead generation and recruitment campaigns according to statistics resulting from campaign analysis. To improve your results significantly, you can revise messages and campaigns for better performance.

By using an innovative, advanced automation tool for LinkedIn, you can accomplish much more in less time and without unnecessary stress. You can achieve greatly improved performance results for all of your recruitment strategies and campaigns.

Major LinkedIn Benefits for Employment Recruiters                   

The majority of professional business talent recruiters have thousands of connections on LinkedIn. This enables them to connect with potential job candidates from within their networks as well as from other sources. Even contacting other suitable LinkedIn users via InMail concerning available job positions takes longer than messaging your network members.       

For some recruiters, LinkedIn acts as an organized storage platform for employment candidates and potential applicants. By constantly growing their networks aided by advanced automation tools for messaging and other tasks, they expand their onsite reach. These recruiters create a valuable target market within their LinkedIn networks.

Advantages Offered to Recruiters by LinkedIn Automation Tools 

Using LinkedIn expert automation tools, you can improve the performance of all stages of the staff recruitment process. Primary benefits for recruiters who use the advanced features of LinkedIn include the following:     

  • Building and expanding a strong network of connections;
  • Discovering a target market for employment recruitment within your network;
  • Shortening the recruiter’s time between receiving a client’s brief requesting applicants and finding suitable candidates;
  • Using the LinkedIn Recruiter Lite filtering criteria to form a listing of qualified potential job candidates; 
  • Utilizing the fast and efficient LinkedIn messaging options to send connection requests, receive acceptances and engage with suitable job applicants;   
  • Using the versatile LinkedIn platform to accurately assess the qualifications of potential employment applicants by visiting their onsite profiles. 

Helpful Tips for Recruiters While Searching on LinkedIn

As a recruitment professional using LinkedIn Recruiter and other features of the site platform, you can perform targeted candidate searches. Knowing how to use LinkedIn Recruiter saves time and energy. This innovative social media site for business can assist recruiters by helping them achieve their recruitment goals. Tips for staff recruiters while searching on LinkedIn include the following: 

  1. Turn Your Company Page Followers into New Job Hires

Whether you own a business talent recruitment company or are a company’s employed staff recruiter, LinkedIn Company Pages are important. More than half of the people who visit your Company Page want to apply for a job at your company or through your recruiting business. These LinkedIn users are much more inclined to accept InMail messages from you. Most of them (approximately 81 percent) will also respond.   

Once these new connections respond to your initial message, keep them engaged with LinkedIn Talent Updates. This valuable feature enables you to share company blog posts, recruiting events, staff videos and the company’s mission. You can open a project in Recruiter for each new available job position for searching. You can use both your network pipeline and this search to locate your ideal candidates.  

  1. Search for Job Candidates with High-Quality Profiles, Including “Apply Starters”

Search for job candidates with high-quality profiles comparable to the LinkedIn profiles of existing top performers. To accomplish this, make use of the Similar Profiles feature. Take time to ensure that any candidate who you promote has a complete, informative and engaging profile. By including promising “Apply Starters” in your prospects, you can often find excellent talent. 

Statistics have shown that about three-quarters of job applicants fail to complete their applications. By using the Apply Starter feature on Recruiter, you can encourage these applicants to share their LinkedIn profiles with you. With this tool and the Past Applicants Spotlight feature, you can locate top-grade job candidates who have not finished applying. Understanding how to use LinkedIn Recruiter helps you avoid overlooking quality job talent.    

  1. Use the Recruiter Search Insights Feature to Interpret and Analyze Job Talent

As an experienced talent analyst with keen insight, your goal is to help companies increase their staffing numbers. You also want to ensure that they hire the best-qualified applicants. Using the Search Insights feature on LinkedIn Recruiter, you can determine the past employers, job locations, experience and education of every candidate. You will sharpen your professional skills and success by using LinkedIn recruitment tools and options.  

Using these advanced and diverse LinkedIn features and tools, you can also strengthen and enhance your professional expertise and brand. Company leaders will then recognize you as a valid and valuable business partner.   

Summary: In the current competitive business world and job market, time is of the essence when locating new job hires. As a professional staff recruiter for business, you can crush the competition by using LinkedIn Automation Tool features. When you locate top-rated job candidates swiftly and efficiently, company leaders will recognize you as a valued business partner. 


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