8 Tips to Clean up Windows 10

Windows 10

Negosentro.com | 8 Tips to Clean up Windows 10 | In this article,I will introduce to clean up Windows 10. This will include debloat, startup maintenance, system tweaks, and privacy settings, Including 8 tips. These 8 stages are broken down below and will help maintain a healthy Windows 10 system. I’d recommend regular PC cleanup can make your computer run faster and respond more quickly.


1. Use Disk Cleanup/MiniTool Partition Wizard


You can use 2 tools to clean up computer. The first one is Windows built-in utility Disk Cleanup, while the other one is MiniTool Partition Wizard

A simple Google search will tell you that the steps for cleaning up windows by Disk Cleanup, check more. Today, I’ll start with the another ways for MiniTool partition wizard as well.

Step 1: Download  and install MiniTool  partition tool, and launched it to get the main interface , select the disk to clean and click on Wipe Disk option in the left action panel. 

Step 2: In the next window, choose a wiping method from the 5 given options, and then click on OK.Windows 10

Step 3: Then, you can back to the main page and preview the state of the disk to clean up – unallocated. Meanwhile, All the partitions have gone, but it will not truly take effect until you click on Apply to carry out the wiping operation.

2. Empty Recycle Bin

Double click the Recycle Bin and open it

Go to the Manage tab, and choose the restore the program that you want to recover.

After that, click on Empty Recycle Bin option under the Manage tab and publish this operation.

3.Delete Space-Consuming Files on Hard Drive

Deleting space-consuming file on the hard drive is also a great way to clean PC, this method also use minitool partition wizard, recently,  This tool adds  Space Analyzer features of latest update.

Step 1: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition to enter its main interface. Click on Space Analyzer features on the top of the main page.Windows 10

Step 2: In the Space Usage Analyzer page, choose the drive that you would like to analyze and click Scan. After clicking the button, this tool  will scan the target drive automatically.Windows 10

Step 3: After a while, you can get the result. As the following picture shows, the size of each file will be listed.Windows 10

4. Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs

Step 1: Right click the Windows icon at the bottom left of the desktop, and then select the Task Manager option from the pop-up menu.

Step 2: In the Task Manager page, go to Startup tab. Find the program that is unnecessary or rarely used, and then right click it and select Disable.

5. Uninstall Applications

Uninstalling applications is also a way to clean up computer. You can uninstall them easily with the following steps.

Step 1: Press Win and I keys to open Windows Settings.

Step 2: In the Settings window, click on App to navigate to the Apps & features section.

Step 3: Scroll down the right side of Apps & features page and you will find the disk space that each application takes up on your computer. In this way, you can find the most space-consuming applications quickly.

Step 4: After find the target application you want to remove, right click it and choose Uninstall.

6. Defrag Hard Drive

If the files on the hard drive are fragmented, your computer may get slower and slower. Besides, the file storage location will become scattered and the file content will be dispersed in different disk locations due to the disk defragmentation.

What’s worse, the defragmented files will decrease your disk efficiency and increase the possibility for losing and damaging data.

Therefore, it is necessary to defrag your hard drive to clean up file defragmentation and improve the performance of your PC. 

7. Clean PC by CCleaner

CCleaner is a free program provided by Piriform, which can help you clean up computer. However, there are some doubt about its security.

Therefore, you have to make sure that you have downloaded the Slim installer version that doesn’t include any toolbars or other crapware before starting the following operations. If you want to seek more safe methods, please try other approaches in this post.

8. Upgrade RAM

Computer can run slowly due to insufficient RAM (Random Access Memory) and issues on hard disk. The above text has talked about some methods for hard disk. Hence, this method will focus on RAM.

Upgrading RAM can help you fix virtual memory low issue. In other words, you can get more virtual memory by upgrading RAM. Besides, you can enjoy less computer slowdowns, more program availability, faster browsing, network enhancement, better gaming.

Your programs will be held in RAM after you starting them. That is to say, RAM is your PC’s short-term memory. Generally speaking, 4 Gigabytes of RAM is enough to run a PC. However, as your PC needs to shuffle elaborate applications and browsers in and out frequently, RAM is becoming insufficient.


How to clean up your computer? The 8 methods in this post are the answers to this question. All of them are available, so you can try them randomly. 

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