Recover Deleted Photos from Mac and Windows PC

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The number of ways that you can delete a photo from a computer is plentiful, but there is no reason to panic if this happens. There is an excellent chance that you can get them back with only a few minutes of effort.

If you want immediate help for the recovery process, then this guide on CleverFiles can take you through the steps needed for a successful experience.

Recover Deleted Photos from Computer

If you cannot find an image file on your computer, then to recover deleted pictures, you can start the restoration process from a backup. This process works for Mac and Windows PCs if you use their methods. You can also attempt to restore the data from a previous version if one is available on your drive.

Photo recovery software simplifies this manual process, but you can complete it on your own if you wish. Apple and Microsoft operating systems create previous versions of your folders and files that serve as a restoration point.

These shadow copies are accessible through Windows by going to the folder that used to contain the photograph. If you right-click it, then you can select the Previous Versions tab. You would then choose the restore point or backup that is available.

Apple allows you to accomplish a similar result through their Time Machine feature, although this process tends to offer a system-wide result instead of being confined to a single folder.

Why Is Photo Recovery Software Better?

Photo recovery software allows you to quickly scan your disk drive or external storage device to determine which files are available for recovery. Then you don’t need to worry about whether or not you have back up and sync on since you can often find the image with a simple search.

If you are using an Apple device, then you can find the photo in iPhoto or your standard Photos folder, depending on the age of the computer. Some versions offer a Recently Deleted album, while others will move the file directly to the trash.

If you cannot see this folder, then it is empty or not available to the version you currently operate. That makes it challenging to find that image unless you are running photo recovery software which is compatible with your operating system.

This software works as a tool that scans your system to find recoverable files. The best solutions will offer a preview pane which allows you to verify the image in question. Then you can follow the steps necessary to restore the information so that it becomes accessible once again.

More information about this option is available through the official website.

Immediate Steps to Take Right Now


  • Stop using the drive in question until you can locate the files in question.
  • Initiate the photo recovery software you prefer to scan for the missing image.
  • Recover the file wherever its location on your computer happens to be.
  • Save the file to a backup source to avoid repeating this process in the future.


If you cannot find the file and neither can the software recovery tool, then you may have saved it to a different directory without realizing it.

Because many of today’s laptop computers run with small SSD drives, cloud-based storage is used frequently to save space. You may have the image saved in iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon services, or any number of other options which are available today. Take a final search through each one before giving up on the file entirely.

Knowing how to undo deleted pictures is only the first step of the restoration process. Download your preferred free image recovery software, keep backups available, and be responsive to an accidental deletion immediately to prevent file loss.

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