Best Google Assistant Devices

Best Google Assistant Devices

The best way to build a home controlled by Google Assistant is by choosing smart home devices with a built-in voice assistant. After all, voice control is one of the major reason for choosing Google assistant devices.

Since the launch of Google Assistant, three years ago, it has expanded its reach from smartphones to other Google assistant devices for the home. There are a lot of third-party smart speaker products that support Google assistant, however, you can buy Google’s own smart speaker i.e. Google home. You can look for discount code on the Internet to save some money while buying Google assistant devices.

Let’s have a look at the list of best Google assistant devices that you can buy for your home. Let’s start with Google’s own series of Assistant powered smart speakers.

  1. Google Home: With a range of colorful fascias, it looks inoffensive and the setup is beginner friendly. It even has multi-room support. Sound quality is also nice but depends on how big the room is. The best part, it is pocket-friendly. Place Google Home into a room with other devices and operate it by your voice.
  2. Google Home Max: Want a speaker with excellent sound quality. Having a soft-plastic body, Home max is best suited for larger rooms. To provide proper stereo sound, it has two 4.5inch high-excursion woofers and two 0.7 inch custom tweeters. You can use Google Home Max to control other devices as well as to play your favorite songs.
  3. Google Home Mini: The pebble-shaped smart speaker is the most affordable speaker of Google. Though, it’s not as powerful as other Google device but is good enough for a small room. Just like Google Home and Google Home Max, you can either use it as a speaker or control Google assistant compatible devices.
  4. Google Chromecast: You can sync things between your TV, smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Chromecast allows you to transfer videos from one device to a bigger screen (TV). Google chromecast also allows you to use watch videos on YouTube and Netflix. In order to control what you watch on your TV, you can use Google home.

Let’s have a look at third-party devices compatible with Google Assistant. Some of the devices need a Google Home or another Google assistant compatible speaker to use its voice commands while others have built-in assistants.

    1. NVIDIA Shield TV: One of the best devices you can use in your home is Android TV which is Google’s smart television operating system. NVIDIA shield set-top box adds android features to any big screen television and supports Google assistant. You can use your voice to launch YouTube, Netflix, and other apps. It also allows you to control other devices compatible with Google Assistant. The best part about it is, you can play over 400 PC games from Valve’s Steam Service on the shield TV device.
    2. Panasonic GA10: With a crisp and clear sound, Panasonic GA10 can fit perfectly in your living room. It works well with chromecast devices and apps. It even supports Bluetooth and auxiliary connections. The only disadvantage of Panasonic GA10 is it doesn’t support 360-degree audio. The Google assistant feature of the phone delivers a smart speaker experience. You can find a touch control pad on the top of the speaker.
    3. Tado Thermostats and Smart AC controls: You can increase or decrease the temperature of the AC with voice commands using Tado. The smart radiator thermostats provide the compatibility of controlling more than one room of the house. The latest algorithm will help you save more money when controlling thermostats and AC with voice commands.


  • Roku: One of the most popular streaming sticks, Roku has partnered with Google to provide the casting feature which allows you to cast things from your phone to your Android TV. You can control Roku and the TV shows you’re watching using Google assistant.
  • Samsung Smart Things: Comprised of a handful of sensors and outlets, Samsung’s smart home system is centered around the SmartThings hub. Compatible with Google Home, Samsung’s SmartThings allows you to control lights, thermostats, and outlets with voice commands. The only thing you’ll need to say is “Ok Google, turn on the light”. Isn’t it simple?



Google Assistant devices to control every function in the home is the future of technology. Soon we will start controlling each and every device with our voice. Though we have not covered all the device compatible with Google assistant, we have covered the most common devices which can change how you control everything.