Reasons Why Removing Trees is a Must for the Environment

Removing Trees | Reasons Why Removing Trees is a Must for the Environment | Forests play a vital role in maintaining a healthy environment. Plants improve the quality of the air we breathe by filtering harmful pollutants, such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, as it creates oxygen and absorbs greenhouse gases. They help to nurture a variety of wildlife species that depend on them for their habitat as they provide food and protection for them.

Tree removal has always been considered a negative move as it has dire consequences on the ecosystem. The environment gets adversely affected when people cut down trees to attain natural resources that help in manufacturing their necessary products of daily use. Affecting global temperatures and adding a great amount of CO2 to the air that we breathe are just a few out of the many consequences of deforestation.

Nevertheless, there are several other reasons for removing trees that have positive effects on the environment and the well-being of the forests. Sounds weird?

You read that right. There are some situations where it becomes necessary to cut trees in order to modify the quality of the land, to maintain the vitality of the trees, and to protect us from the expected harm they can cause due to certain natural reactions.

Here are some of the reasons why removing trees can be advantageous for the environment around us.


Cutting down some trees can help elevate the condition of a particular forest. There are situations when the trees are damaged and it becomes necessary to trim them in order to maintain their health. Dying or dead branches, decaying or infected trees continue to grow, spreading several infections, diseases while contaminating the land’s quality and producing bad quality fruits. These are the circumstances when tree pruning becomes absolutely essential.

However, it is a pretty difficult and dangerous task and needs careful specialization. Therefore, it is advised to always opt for a professional tree removal service. Different trimming techniques are used for different types of trees, therefore, it requires critical knowledge and expertise. You should hire trained, certified tree professionals to save yourself from the potential risks and to provide the best care for your trees.

It will not only improve the health of trees but will also enhance their appearance as it shapes them properly. It will protect you from unforeseen circumstances resulting in the breakage of branches and jeopardy to humans or animals. Hence, trimming trees delivers regeneration, enriched habitat for species while maintaining forest health.


We acquire wood from trees in order to get our everyday products to fulfill our needs. Be it for fuel, a construction material, or for manufacturing tools, furniture, and paper, wood is a necessity in our lives.

Timber is a greenhouse positive element with a lesser environmental impact than most other building materials, such as steel, aluminum, or concrete. Therefore, substituting a wood product with some other material just to save a tree can be harmful to the environment than beneficial. It is also recommended to increase the use of wood for fossil fuel goods to decrease atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations in the air.

Wood is one of the only natural building resources that contribute to the decline of carbon emissions, hence products from wood carry the lowest ecological cost.


Albedo is the amount of radiation reflected by the surface of the planet that involves forests and snow as well. Cutting down trees might have a benefit for the climate in the snowy areas. Dark surfaces such as lands covered full of forests absorb more light making them warm in the process. Whereas light surfaces such as snow-covered lands or forests reflect less light, creating a cooling impact.


According to a research published in a professional journal, Global Change Biology, “In areas with substantial snow cover, we found that canopy removal due to either fire or insect attack increased reflected radiation and approximately offset the warming that would be caused by increased release of carbon dioxide.”


From extracting carbon out of the air to becoming a root of carbon production, forest disturbances can enormously affect carbon cycles and warming. It can continue for over two decades due to Albedo’s influence whereas in colder regions it can stay for 100 years. Hence, it is vital for us to remove trees in areas that trigger Albedo and cause trees to emit dangerous gases that can deteriorate our health.


In conclusion, everything on this planet has its pros and cons as nothing is entirely beneficial. Every time a tree is harvested, up to 10 trees are re-restored in its place since new trees are grown in the same areas. As new as it sounds, removing trees in certain situations when they can be perilous to human health, life, and the environment, is the most right thing to do. But it is always advised to contact a professional tree removing service every time you are required to take such a decision.

Are you ready to leave a polluted planet for the generations to come? Certainly not! Today is the time when you can do concrete efforts to create that beautiful dream of a healthy planet that will welcome your coming generations. We, humans, can’t afford to get the worst out of Mother Nature, which is why all of us must accept this responsibility to make arrangements for a healthy environment. 

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