Reasons To Consider Facial Reconstruction In Scottsdale – Know What Are They?

Facial Reconstruction
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Negosentro | Reasons To Consider Facial Reconstruction In Scottsdale – Know What Are They? | People consider facial reconstruction due to several reasons. It is one of the cosmetic procedures. It helps to improve the appearance of a person by reducing scarring over the face.

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Reasons to consider facial reconstruction

  • People who have taken bone or skin cancer treatment
  • People with burns on the face
  • Disfigurement due to injuries, bone damages, or scars
  • People who have been born with facial disfigurements

What are the techniques used in facial reconstruction surgery?

Skin grafting

In this procedure, your healthcare professional removes a portion of skin from the other body part suitable for the scar shape. This skin is placed on the scar over your face to eliminate it.

Flap technique

This technique is used to repair the scar by flapping the skin close to the facial scar. Your healthcare profession adjusts healthy skin by cutting on a side and sutures the skin at the new place. It is the preferable technique because it helps to get the blood supply as usual.

About eyelid reconstruction

Eyelids are the sensitive part of the body. These delicate areas are more likely to get scars after a cancerous mole or lesion treatment. A healthcare specialist in Scottsdale can repair the scarring over the eyelids by using similar facial reconstruction techniques.

What can you expect from facial reconstruction surgery?

A professional surgeon specialized in plastic surgery will examine the face and scars to provide the best option depending on your needs. Bone reconstruction, skin grafting, and soft tissue reconstruction are used to erase the scars over the face.  

Few cases need full reconstruction based on the situation. Although it is impossible to change what has happened, you can change your appearance with facial reconstruction. A skilled plastic surgeon can help you in attaining the enhanced appearance, which you want most.

People with cancer cells over the region are not good candidates for facial reconstruction. Facial reconstruction is ideal for individuals who have good health and those who have taken skin cancer treatment. Also, you need to stop smoking before and post surgery.

Whether you want to remove scars over the face or eyelids, choose the best surgeon in Scottsdale who has good experience in handling similar cases and contact today.

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