Reasons Bitcoin Should be in your Investment Portfolio

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If you consider yourself a hot-blooded investor, you definitely heard about the potential of bitcoin. Maybe you’ve heard everything that you need to hear about bitcoin. You’ve heard the volatility of its price, the risk, and its huge potential. Maybe your mind is still not made up when it comes to investing in bitcoins. But, if you are proud of your investment portfolio, you need to invest in bitcoins. Here are the reasons why you should invest in bitcoins for your investment portfolio’s sake.

  1. Financial Investors says “Buy Bitcoin”

No self -respecting investor will pass the opportunity to invest in something that the experts suggest. Yes, it may take a lot of research and a lot of planning, but investing in bitcoin is highly suggested by respected University of Yale economists Aleh Tsyvinski and Yukun Liu for the National Bureau of Economic Research. Their paper says that every investor should get out there and buy bitcoins. Also, they suggested that the optimum portfolio should have a bitcoin holding of at least six percent.

  1. Crisis on Different Countries

It’s good if you have investments on different companies in different countries. It’s a sign of a very diverse investment portfolio. But you can never be sure about the economic structure of a nation you’ve invested in.

Take a hard look at the macroeconomic factors influencing the global economy right now. Trade sanctions in the US, a Chinese currency in free fall, and the risk of a no-deal Brexit are among the major headlines.

Inflation is also a signal to invest in bitcoins. Turkey, Venezuela, and Italy are suffering from major inflation and their respective governments are looking at bitcoin as an alternative means of financial stability. Argentina suffered severely from their inflation problem that they are currently installing bitcoin ATM across the nation. The Philippines is currently suffering from high prices on basic needs. It was reported that a pound of red chilies was marketed at around $65. It seems that it is advisable to buy bitcoin in the Philippines and invest in it than to buy red chilies by the pound.

  1. The market for bitcoin is steadily going up

One of the heads of digital assets at a leading trading firm in Philadelphia told CNBC that investing bitcoin is a no-brainer. Bart Smith, also said that bitcoin is rapidly becoming a more logical means of exchange than traditional banking methods.

Bitcoin is quickly becoming more viable and accepted among not only consumers but also businesses. Its reliability and ease of use made it a viable option to consider. Cryptocurrency is certainly not a ‘fad’ and the popularity of it is showing no sign of slowing down. Therefore, as it gains more and more interest, it is only going to become more and more accepted. This alone is going to drive the growth of the cryptocurrency market which is led by Bitcoin.

Overall, there are many different reasons you are going to want to make the investment in Bitcoin. There has never been a better time to invest in any kind of cryptocurrency. Skepticism over cryptocurrency is not going to evaporate overnight. However, every investor needs to set his or her preconceptions aside and see cryptocurrency for what it is: An investment option with its own characteristics, and ones that are entirely different from most other forms of investment. In the final analysis, surely that is what a truly diverse portfolio is all about.