Qure.ph: Teleconsult App dedicated to finding a treatment for every Filipino


Negosentro.com | Qure.ph: Teleconsult App Dedicated to finding a treatment for every Filipino| Remove all of your health applications and replace them with Qure.ph, your one-stop health shop selected by Filipinos for Filipinos. With the Qure.ph app, you may get online medical consultations, veterinarian appointments, pharmaceutical purchases, and other health-related services.

What exactly is Qure.ph?

Qure.ph is an online platform designed to meet your medical service and wellbeing needs. Its goal is to provide accessible and continuous healthcare and wellness service online. Qure.ph’s current focus is on online appointment scheduling, online purchasing from partner pharmacies, and on-demand counseling. Talk about having all of your appointments at your fingertips.

Remote consultations with specialists, laboratories, veterinary clinics, nursing care, and wellness, including nutrition and fitness centers, are all part of these appointments. Qure.ph features an uploading facility for traditional or e-prescriptions for the issuance of drug prescriptions. The same is true for lab requests, test results, medical certification, hospital admission letters, and even letters of reference that include a brief summary or credentials of the attending physician.

Then there’s the ease of purchasing medications online, with two options: pick-up or delivery. Receiving medicine straight at your door will be the new normal, and the Qure.ph app can help you get there. Your new purchasing experience should be seamless, digital, and hassle-free, with Cash on Delivery accessible for up to P1000 worth of pharmaceuticals and a same-day or scheduled delivery option.

Is it offered for free or at a cost?

Qure.ph is available for free download on both iOS and Android. However, depending on the type of service or items purchased, healthcare providers’ services will be subject to a price. To make the most of your time and schedule, especially if you’re pressed for time, you can book meetings up to six months in advance and be alerted a day ahead of your confirmed schedule. And, while the patient must pay before the appointment can be confirmed, that payment will be held in escrow for the user’s security until an hour following the visit. If things don’t go as planned, you may now reschedule your appointments at least three (3) working days in advance—for free! However, keep in mind that rebooking is subject on the healthcare provider’s calendar availability. If you need to cancel the appointment and request a complete refund, the monies will be paid into your Qure wallet. You can get in touch with a Qure.ph representative at support@qure.ph.

Self-care or self-love?

Of course, healthcare is more than just doctor visits and pill prescriptions. Aesthetics, fitness, and nutrition all contribute to your overall well-being. Through the same app, you will have access to beauty treatments, facials, lasers, body treatments, and other such services. Setting up appointments for yoga, Zumba, and gym courses will also be possible via Qure.ph. Have you had a busy week? Make a reservation and treat yourself to their body massage packages and spa services.

What’s the best part? It’s almost like having your own personal virtual assistant! You won’t forget about your sessions because push notifications will remind you a day before your scheduled appointment. Keep an eye out for gift cards, coupon codes, and promotions.

What about my animals?

Yes, you say, but what about my pets? Most of us treat our dogs as if they were family. We understand. We understand. Gain access to neighboring Vet clinic affiliates through Qure.ph and book medical-related services such as consultation, laboratory, basic grooming, deworming, immunization, anti-rabies injection, and even flea removal. Plus, you won’t have to postpone your trip or staycation this time. If you need a place to leave your pets and have someone look after them, Qure.ph can provide you with a list of partners who provide affordable boarding services for your furry friends.

Do you require assistance?

Do you require an extra set of hands? Is your plate now full? You will also have access to Nursing Care through Qure.ph, with two options: home care and hospital care. You will be given a brief description of the nurse or aide’s qualifications. And, as with all other appointment settings, you can book for up to six months in advance and reschedule three days in advance if there is a foreseeable change of circumstances.
Of course, we respect your input, so we’ve provided a star rating system and a complaint ticketing system on Qure.ph.

Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your health and wellness habits—all in one app. You already know you deserve it since every Filipino deserves a Qure./

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