How to Be a Better DJ

How to Be a Better DJ dj

How to Be a Better DJ | For the passionate DJs out there, there might be nothing more exhilarating than dropping the beat as a euphoric crowd sways and dances under the blinding lights. 

These nights have been sorely missed by many over the last couple of years, but there is hope on the horizon as the world strives to move away from the shadow of the pandemic

To prepare yourself and your DJing skills for when the time finally arrives for you to take to the decks once more, here are some top tips you might want to consider. 

Get the Right Equipment

Making sure you get hold of the perfect hardware for you is a must, from your audio interface, to the controller itself, and everything in between. Sometimes, an update is necessary to make sure that you retain your edge. 

This also pertains to getting hold of the best DJ software around, as without it, you might find that life becomes unnecessarily complicated. 

For example, some of the best options let you manage your bookings, finances, and set lists all on one nifty platform, allowing you to build your authenticity and professionalism in the world of DJing without being disorganized. 

Hunt for New Music

Even if you adore music on an other-worldly scale, it can be easy to get caught up listening to the same three albums day in and day out. This can be bad news for anyone who needs inspiration for a setlist, anyone who makes their own beats. 

Discovering new artists is essential in this regard, as it not only helps widen your perspective, but it can allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of modern music. 

Create a Journey with Your Set List

A wonderful set list is like a journey—one that keeps the audience actively engaged throughout their time spent with you. 

Losing their attention at any point or breaking the rhythm and overall feeling of this journey can be disastrous. 

Spending some time thinking about how your setlist flows, and how the tracks merge into one another, complement each other, and elevate each and every moment, is a must. Whether this is through a luscious key change or implementing a fleeting rest before a change in rhythm, dictating the ebb and flow of the dance floor requires flexibility. 

Sometimes, this means just listening through the set and paying close attention to the quality of the mix

Keep Learning

To avoid stagnating at any time throughout your DJing career, keeping up with a commitment to learning is a must. This can be anything from learning about new genres or artists, getting to know classical music theory, or brushing up on your audio engineering skills. The more you know, the more tools you have to make your own unique sound. 

It is also worth remembering to practice, practice, practice—the most important part of becoming a better DJ. 

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