9 Common Equipment in Agricultural Business

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9 Common Equipment in Agricultural Business | Agricultural business is a major and important industry in the global economy. This type of business involves the production, distribution, and sale of goods related to agriculture. Agricultural equipment plays an integral role in agricultural businesses as they help farm owners perform their tasks easily. In this article, we will introduce nine common types of agricultural equipment used by farmers worldwide.

Chapin sprayers

These are also known as boom sprayers. These types of agricultural equipment are used for spraying pesticides and herbicides on various crops such as cotton, tea, coffee, and fruits. They can be easily maneuvered to the required locations by attaching them onto tractors or other vehicles. They are easy to use and come with an adjustable nozzle which reduces wastage of water or pesticides during spraying on crops.

Chisel Plows

These types of equipment are used in farming where there is dense vegetation growth, typically along rivers or stream banks that need clearing. Chisel plows use metal blades to break up ground before planting seeds during the spring season when the soil has softened after the winter months. Another name for this type of agriculture equipment is ‘Land Plane.’


A forklift helps farmers carry materials from one location to another within farmland safely and quickly. Forklifts are essential equipment for farmers who want to save time and effort in carrying heavy objects across the farm.


A mower is a special type of garden machine used to cut grass into even lengths while preserving its shape and volume at regular intervals during summers when no other harvesting activity occurs due to high humidity levels under hot weather conditions. Grass clippings help in recycling nutrients and improve soil quality.

Flail Mowers

These types of agricultural equipment combine the functions of a mower and reaper into one machine, which greatly saves time and effort for farmers during harvesting season. The process involves cutting crops by flails attached to cutter bars mounted on rotating shafts at their centers. Flail mowers are typically used when there is an abundance of grass or small size crops such as wheat, oats, or barley that need frequent harvestings down from time to time throughout summers while fields remain green with vegetation growth.

Rotary Tillers

A rotary tiller machine mixes up topsoil together after loosening it using blades and cutters fitted onto its front end, thus allowing plants’ roots to grow, expand and stabilize easily. Rotary tillers come in different sizes, depending on their purpose. Small farm owners use them for gardening purposes, while big farmers may need large-sized rotary tiller machines mounted onto tractors to plow heavy soils during season changes.

Grain Drills

These types of agricultural equipment are used for planting seeds into the soil at regular intervals, which helps speed up the plant growth process with abundant yield. They can be operated manually or attaching them to tractors depending on the required positioning accuracy over field areas where crops have been planted before. Seeding is done using grain drills. Grain drills help reduce labor costs as they also cover the maximum area, possibly within less time due to faster seed placement ahead of the crop germination stage.


A thresher machine separates different parts of plants. Typically grain, straw, and chaff after harvesting crops with the help of rotating drums fitted at their center, which fling plant material against a screen surface that helps in separating useful products from unwanted components during post-harvest seasons. They are also used for recycling wood waste materials into small pieces while clearing landfills to extract valuable resources they contain.

Threshing machines are essential agricultural equipment required by farmers to ensure organic farming practices without wasting any part of harvested crops or vegetation grown on fields throughout season changes.

Hay Balers

These types of agricultural equipment are used by farmers to bind hay, straw, and other small size materials into bales that can be stacked onto trolleys or trailers to transport them from fields after harvesting seasons. Farmers use balers for recycling organic waste products, too, which helps reduce their disposal costs while improving soil quality at the same time.


The above list of agricultural equipment is not exhaustive but comprises some common types widely used by farmers on their private properties or small farms. They help reduce labor costs, improve soil quality and increase crop yields throughout seasons.


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