Quickie Tip: Business Etiquette for Mobile Devices

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by Kyla Camille, via Negosentro.com |

There is no doubting that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are fantastic communication media which can perform a large variety of hugely important functions. However, they are also prone to being operated in an unsociable, inappropriate manner, particular when used in an office setting. Managers and workers are becoming increasingly intolerant of annoying mobile device habits that have developed in recent times.

Neon SMS UK (www.neonsms.co.uk) created this infographic guide as to how best to utilize any mobile devices you have while in the workplace. The misuse of such devices in meetings can be especially galling for management and staff, with activities such as talking on your phone, sending text messages or browsing the web on a mobile device considered taboo by the majority – and with good reason. If you decide that a critical business meeting is a good time to upload photos of your weekend shindigs to Facebook, everyone else in the room will see a person that does not care about their work or, more insultingly, the other people in that room. Also, if you think that you can take in what’s being said at the meeting while chatting to a friend on WhatsApp about sports, you’re wrong. You’re either focused on the meeting or you’re not.

The way in which you use mobile devices at work can dramatically shape the perception that your colleagues and bosses will have of you, and many of the guidelines for appropriate mobile device etiquette at work are common sense. Don’t take rambling personal calls at your desk, don’t gossip about work while in the office and use a professional ringtone instead of a childish bathroom noise. The infographic below may just prompt you to reconsider how you use your smartphone or tablet while at work.

via Neon SMS


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