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A Quick Guide To Cosmetic Dentistry

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Jamie Ursua, Negosentro |  With the increased pressure to have the perfect body and the perfect face it comes as no surprise that cosmetic dentistry is the latest craze. This allows you to have the perfect smile for all those social media photos, and the brilliant Hollywood smile you always dreamed of having. From services offered to you by the dentist or an at home treatment, having the prefect smile is easier than ever. Here, we’re taking you through a quick guide to cosmetic dentistry from a Plantation Cosmetic Dentist.


The perfect smile can be difficult to obtain when you have a tooth that has been recently removed and are self-conscious about your smile. However, this can be fixed through having dental implants added onto your pre-existing teeth to give you that perfectly straight smile you have always wanted. Dental implants London offer the most natural-looking bridges which help to enhance the pre-existing teeth without changing the entire look of your mouth.

Teeth Whitening

This service is offered to you by the dentist, to give you glistening white teeth that will stand out in any photograph. There are three different types of teeth whitening you can choose from. There are 2 laser techniques, the pure laser and the kick starter laser technique, which is a quick solution to yellow teeth. Both techniques use laser beams that emit light waves to activate a whitening agent located on the surface of the tooth. This then lifts the stains out of the enamel of the tooth helping them to appear whiter. As well as this, you can also acquire an at-home kit, which comes with a custom mouth guard as well as whitening agents and is to be worn overnight, for a time frame of about 3 weeks. This method however does not use light beams to whiten the teeth but rather remove the stains from the dentine of the teeth.


Veneers are added to the surface of the tooth and are coloured and shaped to fit the exact shape of the pre-existing tooth when added over top. Veneers are often added when a tooth is broken or when there is a significant amount of damage to the surface of the tooth. They are used to prevent the erosion of the teeth whilst still making the teeth look as natural as possible. They are applied through the use of a bonding agent, with a minimal amount of drilling to bond it to the curvatures of the tooth’s surface, helping them to look as natural as possible. This will therefore give the impression of whiter teeth for a longer period of time, allowing you to enjoy your life stress free.  

Teeth Straightening

There are 2 different types of teeth straightening that are offered in cosmetic dentistry, including conventional teeth straightening through the use of braces, as well as cosmetic teeth straightening which is the process of heating the gums in order to reshape them to suit a new veneer to be added to the teeth. Both of these processes are ways in which you can get that picture perfect smile. However, this process can be pricier than standard braces, however it does allow you to enjoy the end results at a much faster rate.

All of the above processes are ways that you can enhance and improve upon the smile that you have. It’s important to remember that these are not always permanent fixes and should not be considered as replacements for good dental hygiene. However in order to enhance your natural smile, the above processes are well worth the investment.

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