Protect the Environment with Bunded Pallets

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It is usually said that prevention is better than cure. So, to prevent contaminants spilling all around the environment especially near a drain it is important to use bunded pallets and a universal spill kit. They are manufactured to create a barrier to oil and chemicals that are used in industrial production. Hence there will absolutely be no chance for hazardous spills. This way you can also protect the environment in a cost-effective manner.

Where environment-friendly bunded pallets are used

  • The mining and exploration sites require it.
  • The locations like refuelling and debunking.
  • The pads are built in remote areas.
  • Work locations that are temporary.
  • Warehouses and places for storage facilities.

environment-friendly-Bunded-PalletsWhy are bunded pallets used?

There is a wide range of bunded pallets solutions for spill control. This will ensure that the commercial and industrial properties comply with the health and safety regulation act. These products are basically stored underneath the storage drums. It may be in workshops or industrial sites, hospitals, factories and marinas. The spills are collected when the drums are not in use. These pallets are used so that the impact of hazardous liquid spills does not affect the environment. Hence drums and barrels are used for safety purpose.

Importance of bunded pallets

  • The bunded pallets are containers that are found in different sizes and they are used to manage spills of different kinds. They help to control the outflow of the drums or maybe any other kind of fluid container.
  • When these containers get filled with flammable liquids or chemicals, then it is very important to protect them from any kind of leakage. These pallets are made of high-density polythene. There are many containers that have a feature of poly grate for easy cleaning.
  • Since they are made of polythene, they are weather-proof and lockable. Therefore, the hazardous and waste materials are secured.
  • They are resistant to chemicals and are used for spill containment. They are also resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • These bunded pallets include a drain plug so that the users can drain the sumps easily.
  • The low profile bunded pallets make loading and unloading the spill very easy. So when you want to maintain a risk-free business, you know what you must always opt for and that is spill pallets.
  • You will find that there are spillages when oil or any type of flammable liquid is being stored. If you are using these pallets, then you can make your business function in an organized manner hence it will work efficiently.
  • The spills are not just a problem that will pose risk to the health of the employees but more than that. It will badly affect the environment so the use of bunded pallets is essential. It is seen more in companies that work with chemicals, oils and fuels. Hence it becomes very important to control the spill through different measures.

The companies that use dangerous liquids have the responsibility to take care of the health of the employees. The safety of the workers is mandatory so the bunded pallets are used by these companies to ensure safe handling of the liquids. The workers are trained on this activity as to how to store the liquids and how to prevent the spill. Even if the spill is small, it can have a devastating effect. So, the companies must have proper spill control equipment if you do not have a spill response plan, it is urgent to create a pill clean up awareness among employees so that they can use the bunded pallets properly.

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