5 Ways to Stay Organized During a Move

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Moving out can be an uphill task. This is because you must first spend several days looking for a new house that is designed to meet all your needs. And it doesn’t end there. You have to make arrangements on how you will move and carry all your stuff into the new home. In fact, most people don’t enjoy moving out specifically because it makes them change everything in their life. There is no fun in moving out of a place you have become attached to. Besides that, you will have to leave your old friends behind and hope that you will get along with your new neighbors. Moreover, you are not sure whether your stuff will arrive at your new home while still intact. Moving out can be fun when you have taken time to prepare yourself and hiring a moving company. Below are some tips that can help you stay organized when moving out.

  1. Pack Your Things in Advance

If you really want to experience a stress-free move, you should consider arranging your things ahead of time. This will help in ensuring that you don’t forget to carry either of your belongings. Since you are not in a hurry you are able to pack your stuff gently without the risk of damaging them. If you live in a big house, you can start parking partially from Monday so that you will be ready to move by Sunday. It’s advisable you begin with the things that you don’t use every day. This means you will have a few things to pack on the day of departure. When parking, you should throw away the items that you no longer use. This will also help in slashing your luggage.

  1. Label All Boxes

Boxes that have not been labeled make moving to be more stressful. This is due to the fact that you don’t remember what each box contains. Labeling is very important especially when you have people to help you load and offload the boxes. When boxes are clearly labeled with a marker pen, you can those that contain breakables in a much safer place inside the moving truck. Even offloading becomes a walk in the park because you know where each box will be taken. Unlabeled boxes increase the risk of your things getting damaged and complicate offloading. At the end of it all, you find cups and plates in the bedroom in stead of the kitchen.

  1. Get New Address

You can hardly enjoy peace of mind without a new address. This is because you keep worrying whether you will still get your utility bills and other letters after you have moved to a new residence. Change of address should never be a problem. You actually have two options; either you apply online or go to the nearest post office. Applying on the internet is much easier because you can request for a new address from anywhere. Besides that, there are companies that can get a new address on your behalf for a small fee.

  1. Hire a Moving Company

Like mentioned earlier, moving can be very cumbersome. And that’s why you should consider hiring a moving company. This will save you from the trouble of having to carry heavy furniture by yourself. You will only need to give them the keys to your old and new house and you will arrive later to find a home that’s ready to welcome you. However, you should narrow down your search to a company that has good reputation such as Foxrelocations to ensure that your things are handled by professionals who have your best interests at heart..

  1. Reserve Essentials

Sometimes it takes several days or weeks to put everything where it belongs. After all is said and done, you don’t want to inconvenience yourself. It’s actually advisable you put some of the things that you use more often in a bag so that you can enjoy smooth transition from your former home into the new residence. This saves you from the trouble of having to open all the boxes in a rush just because you need a jelly comb or a towel.

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