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Image Source: | Promote app on Google Play with keyword installs | App promotion experts always search for the fastest and the less expensive ways to get maximum organic traffic and in-app purchases. To date, there are two most used marketing strategies: PPC (paid-per-click) traffic and incentive installs. Below we will explain what are their main differences and what makes keyword installs much more effective strategies.  

Why to choose keyword installs?

To start promotion by keywords you will need to pick words and phrases that describe your application the best. If you do not know what they are you can just take some from competitors’ pages and also think over some potential keywords. 

PPC marketing strategy provides traffic and downloads on the first day of promotion. However it requires a significant budget. So, if you do not have enough funds for promotion it is definitely not the best option. Keyword promotion needs much less financing to get first results. Sometimes even 20$ are enough to get +130-140 positions in store ranks. And at the same time it has a long-lasting effect that is also supported by real users’ downloads. 

How to get to the top with keyword installs?

Keyword promotion consists of 2 stages. Primarily we start with “screening”, short-term promotion for all the keywords. That will help you to understand how many downloads per each group of words and phrases will need to be done. 

Based on results of screening, plan 5-7 days campaigns for all keywords you have. After 2-3 weeks of promotion you will notice first results. When you will reach top 20 positions you will start getting organic installs. When keyword promotion is done correctly one month will be enough to boost app to the top, but results will last for the next 3-4 months. 

If you still have any questions about how to promote an app on Google Play, you always can find more information at platform

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