The Boom Of Internet Shopping in the Middle East

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Image Credit : | The Boom Of Internet Shopping in the Middle East | Today, with the increasing success of virtual shops, more and more people are taking to the internet to buy the items they need to use every day. Statistics show that there has been a rise in the number of customers shopping in internet stores over the world. Data shows that thanks to the multiple advantages associated with it a significant number of people globally support online shopping. 

However, the Middle East is also becoming one of the biggest consumers of online shopping trends. In the Middle East, internet shopping is growing rapidly and has expanded by 1500 per cent over the last decade. With a diverse youthful demographic and one of the highest per capita global internet adoption rates, the opportunity for online investment is increasingly growing as one of the best in the world.  There are a lot of reasons why online shopping has taken a leap in the retail market and is mostly preferred by people apart from traditional shopping. 

A few main perspectives have been placed together to help you manage-and remain on top-the fast-moving e-commerce design ecosystem in the Middle East. Consumers are rapidly shopping digitally and on their mobiles. Outfits are placed together on cell phones and information is being browsed progressively in a multilingual style

The Young Crowd 

The Middle East has one of the world’s youngest demographics, which has become the perfect time for online retailers like Noon, 6th Street,  Carrefour, Amazon,Namshi to engage young people in the area. Around 28 percent of the population of the Middle East is between the ages of 15 and 29 for a staggering number of 108 million inhabitants. Young people, with a median age of 22 years, are the fastest rising population in this country relative to the global average of 28. The upward trend in e-commerce is to be predicted with the bulk of younger millennials shifting into e-commerce and smartphone use for shopping. 

Security Check 

A further significant factor in the rise is the strike of a balance between frictionless customer service and solid protection. Banks and payment providers in the Middle East, such as Visa, are working to strengthen the protection of cards for online transactions, introducing an extra authentication layer to the process. Online retailers like Souq, Riva, 6th Street, etc will collaborate with payment processors to follow protocols such as Visa Verified which works by providing a one-time password to the shopper to ensure that purchases are made by the Visa account’s rightful owner.

Elevated internet adoption

Development in e-commerce comes when the future in the Middle East turns digital. According to research by Visa, cell phone usage is now at a world record high of 210.9 percent. Middle East people are also in the top 10 worldwide when it comes to investing time on the internet and social media, averaging seven hours and 54 minutes a day.

Policies of the government

Proactive government policies have been critical to creating a digital economy in the Middle East and overcoming many of the obstacles to being a cashless country. Digital trading and cashless payments were listed as the top government priorities in Middle East Vision 2021.

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